Greatest FF Accomplishment

For me, it was probably beating Emerald and Ruby weapon in FFVII. Also, i always feel pretty satisfied (and tired…) after earning the 32,000 battle points in the Gold Saucer to get Clouds Omnislash.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m just not that hardcore.

You need to W-Summon Hades and some other summon. Then Mimic-chain until it’s dead.

Best FF moment for me would be beating Ultimecia without using GF’s or invincibility items. This was after I’d stopped playing half way through. I had to level everyone to 99 and get Shockwave Pulsar first.

Beating Emerald Weapon without casting KoTR. Lucky 7s baby!

And yeah, I could get through the game in like 30 hours - hell, I could get through the first disc in one sitting.

Beating Shinryuu with Butz at level 35, everyone else dead, and no items or resurrection abilities.

beating Sepheroth in Kingdom Hearts

If you levelled to 99, wouldn’t her levels rise as well? My method of operation was absorbing early on Ultima and junctioning it to the weapons. I think it would net about 2000 damage; of course without waiting 10mins for the damn summon.

First was beating FF VI, Second was getting FF VI, Third was beating FF III with equal levels i.e. ending every battle with everyone alive and well.:hyperven:

I don’t know. I just knew it took a hella long time to beat her.

I never summoned but I used GF abilities. LEviathan’s Recover saved many of my characters.I junctioned Ultima and Meteor to either damage or life. I can’t remeber now. I used Aura a lot and Blue Magic. I also kept casting Meltdown so my Limit Breaks would get more damage.

Shockwave Pulsar and Lionheart were my big power moves. White Wind saved me many times too.

Understanding Final Fantasy Tactics.

But really, beating X. I love the story.

In FFIV Advance, leveling my characters into the 80’s and beating Zeromus EG without using any of the Grimoire summons.

Ok Haven’t started one in a long time…what is it…a boss, getting a final weapon…getting an item…you get the Idea

Getting all the weapons in FFX was a pain but It was a great accomplishment for me

When I used to post shit like this in the chat room, I got flamed to death.

When you post shit like this, you are asking to be flamed to death.

<font size=1>
KaiserBasara: Is that a real scene from the batman cartoon

RedComet: No, it’s a deleted scene from a Chinese-produced Spider-man episode that only aired in Africa.

KaiserBasara: Wow, where do you find this stuff?

Why would china produce a spider man episode?

Why do they delete scenes in movies, anyways? A lot of times the deleted scenes are pretty good

In horror movies they always delete entire endings, like in Scary Movie 3 and Joy Ride

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KaiserBasara: Tell me her email so i can ask for weird stuff

Part Deux:
<font size=1>
KaiserBasara: Why did you put our conversation in your signature?

I wasn’t acting stupid

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That’s a blast from the past! :smiley:

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I think I love you RC.

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