Greatest FF Accomplishment

Ok Haven’t started one in a long time…what is it…a boss, getting a final weapon…getting an item…you get the Idea

Getting all the weapons in FFX was a pain but It was a great accomplishment for me

I never bothered. Honestly, any sense of accomplishment I could have gotten out of that wouldn’t have outweighed the hours of frustration and wasted time.

But there wasn’t a point ever in FF that you smiled when you finally finished it?

Of course there were points where I smiled. Via Infinito in FFX-2 comes to mind… but at least there we had a bit of variety in what was happening, and even some story tie-ins. It wasn’t as mindless as these stupid tack-on quests.

I’d consider beating the Emerald Weapon to be my greatest FF accomplishment if I dindt get bored halfway through (fucker took an hour or something to kill).

No! I remember. Beating Zeromus in FFIV Hard Type. It took me, off and on, two years to do it, about 15 hours leveling up to get to the point where Rosa went just before him so she could cast Cure 3 or 4 or whatever and keep everyone healed. It was still close. I ended up being almost 20 levels past the recommended level set in the book. Yeah. That’s it.

All weapons, all monsters unlocked and killed, and the sphere grid lit up for everyone in FFX… 180+ hours of my life gone. :frowning:

Okay damn, glad to know you spend your time well Red.

As for me finishing Via Infintio, was seriously one of my happiest moments. Even if I did abuse the Cat Nip accessory thing, to do it. I was just glad to get it out of the way.

Well I didn’t intend it to be just, what boring side job took you the longest? Just your favorite accomplishment of FF.

If I can ever get it done, KH2’s Hades Paradox Cup is going to be my greatest accomplishment at this point. I’m at level 99 and I have to beat Cloud AND Squall AND Yuffie AND Tifa! Sewiouswy, Pom-Pom.

It’s actually easier than it seems - if you get hurt, you can cure yourself and then just float around the edges of the arena to recharge your MP. They’ll all chase after you but none of them will be able to hit you.

Final Fantasy 7: 68 hrs, everyone lvl 99, all sidebosses beat, a copy of every weapon in the game, a few copies of each master materia, and all limit breaks obtained. All done over the course of a few weeks… and I still dont know why I feel the need to replay the game again…

Probably FFVIII’s Omega Weapon without using any invincibility items or The End. What a bitch.

However, Final Fantasy games are hardly at the top of the ladder on difficulty. If I want real insanity, I play Nippon Ichi games.

Beating FFVI. For having had such a good time.

I got the Cursed Shield (in FFVI) uncursed. By the time it took me, however, I had gotten bored with the game and never finished it. That has happened to me with other games, too… but I have since learned to just enjoy a game the first play-thru, and leave the item hunting for another time.

Btw, I beat Emerald Weapon fairly easy, but couldn’t beat Ruby Weapon. Beats me why.

68 hours?? How the fuck did you manage all that in only 68 hours?

You tell that to Cloud and Tifa. If one’s not flying around the room faster than a lear jet, then the other’s stronger than Batman, Superman, the Hulk, the Green Hornet, and Wonder Woman combined. Then they push you in the middle of the arena where they gang rape you and take your wallet.

Lots of Caffine and lots of luck…

Still, only 68 hours? has to take at least another 40 to do all taht, assuming the game can be finished in rougly 50.

Leading and pulling my FFXI Linkshell through Dynamis Sandy, Bastok, Jeuno, Windy, and Beaucedine to Dynamis Xarcabard, where last night…

Hours of preperation, hours of experimenting different routes and sacrifice pulls, hours of posting instructions and maps for each run, three hour raid once or twice a week for 9 months, and finally my reward!

The Koga Chainmail (Ninja version 2 Artifact Armor) was a pretty happy day as well:

Also, THF AFv2 body dropping in our first Bastok win was pretty hawt. The Mithra next to me also got hers that run too.

Roughly 50? If I really get into the game to simply go thru to beat it I can take care of it in under 40. The number of times I’ve replayed it probably helps make me go quicker thru it though.