Grave news

On the eve of the death of our democracy, our beloved Janet Reno has died. Mourn with me, friends. Contemplate the timing as a sign of the end of times.

And here I was worried that you were posting about the site…:eek:

What is already dead may never die

You know, when I saw that headline I actually thought of you. I’m glad I was not dissapointed.

Don’t worry Sin, you have a new object of human hideousness. Elena Kagan will be a worthy heir.

Indeed, from an attorney general to a supreme court justice. I suspect that Janet Reno really did not deport that Cuban boy. She had him captured so she could lay her eggs into him so her spawn could overcome and mutate the boy’s body to become Elena Kagan. Janet knew that her days were numbered, but this ensured the survival of her species and perpetuate her species’ position within the US justice system. This is in every way a form of evolution into superior life forms.

I forget what’s Sin’s deal with janet reno i remember it was something but too much drugs and booze can barely remember my own house address

Are you going to be the next Ramza?

I feel like GBA here has his act together at least a little more than Ramza ever did.

Man, that guy ‘had issues’ even before his dive off the deep end.

i don’t eat at kfc so that’s not possible thx you very much

Actually I lead a pretty sterile life these days. I’m married. Have a house in the suburbs. Work as a manager in a consulting firm. Have a dog and take him to the dog park with all the other weird suburbanite dog owners with bumper stickers like HONK IF YOU LOVE CORGIS or whatever. but 7.5 years of pollution in China and drinking bathtub moonshine or whatever really took a number on the ol’ noggin - can’t remember like anything any more. Now I hide my crippling desire to be an alcoholic(I haven’t had a beer in weeks and I don’t even mind it - I am so ashamed of myself) behind a “passion” for “craft” beer. I tried to grow a beard but my hair is completely white these days it made me look like 70. I can’t remember what the point of this post was when I started like 5 sentences ago so I’m gonna stop now

Nah, that was Setz. Ramza was the guy who developed a serious enough drug addiction to melt down on the forums with before selling his laptop for more drugs.

Janet Reno ate my balls