Graphics card

Ok, I’m in the market for a new graphics card, and I have NO idea what i should get. I’d like some recomendations on good brands at reasonable prices.

Uh, whats your’ budget, exactly?

NINJA EDIT: Also, what games do you intend to play?

Ok, this card will only be for gaming, no video-editing or any really fancy crap. Budget…I have no idea really. probably around 150, but if I can get a good one cheaper, then I’ll go for that. And the games i get depend on the graphics card. :stuck_out_tongue:

128 MB Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT $200

ATI RADEON 9600 XT 128 MB $150

If you have PCI Express, get the GeForce.
If you have AGP, get the RADEON.

Don’t get Visiontek Xtasy, it’s horrible

I think you should get a good graphics card that costs a little bit, so it’ll stay in date. The above costed $99 and it screwed up my computer

An AGP card is probably the best way to go.

Even if its only for gaming, it matters somewhat. What games will you be playing? I and Yar Kramer can tell you how knightmarish running KOTOR on a radeon is.

ATi Radeon 9600.

Not really, it works fine for me with my AGP Radeon 9600 Pro. Using the latest omega drivers.

Ok, these are going to be some pretty old games. The ones in particular are Battlefield:1942, Praetorians, and Medieval: Total War. I dont want to get a really good one because my current comp is top of the line from four years ago, so it couldnt run much stuff that requires a great GC anyways. But god, I need something better than my freakin Banshee.

Ah. THen, most of the stuff here will serve you well. Heck, the 9600 may even be overkill. May be. And you likely won’t be crippled by a DX8 card, either.