Graphics Card blues

Today, I finally went and bought an ATI Radeon 9600 SE video card. I went home at no delay, nearly running over seven people and tearing through about three houses in the process. I fired up the Device Manager like the manual said.

It only listed PCI stuff, not AGP stuff. After searching through the manual in vain, I took the card back, thinking that I only had PCI ports. I then picked up the only PCI card available: the much-hated GeForce FX 5200.

That card’s manual, however, was much clearer than the Radeon’s, and I was able to get the card ready rather quickly. Then, to my horror, I found out that my top slot was an AGP slot all along! I banged my head against the wall for an hour, then just installed the GeForce and left it at that. I’m not returning it to Best Buy; I’ll just see what it can do first. It can’t be the cancer-causing evil that everyone else makes it out to be; not even Windows is THAT terrible.

Also, I fought against a giant army of aliens. They were flying a large spaceship that was made of cheese.

(Can you pick out what’s real and what’s not?)

<img src=“”> Holy shit man! Aliens! Cheese! Woo!

I don’t think you needed a new graphics card, what you needed was new eyes.

And I think you’ll be happy with the GeForce. Anything with SE behind it, is terrible. They might as well be the last generation screencards with a new name, that’s how terrible they are.

The FX 5200 isn’t as bad as all that, Nvidia does make good cards, even if they’re not as good as ATI.

Running a Video Card in a PCI Slot is sorta like building a car with three wheels. It can be done, but you’re not going to get great performance from it. You’ll get much better performance from a Video Card in your AGP slot than you’ll ever get from a PCI Video Card. I strongly recommend you switch back to the 9600 first chance you get.

FX series can’t play DX2 >_>

Which is really hillarious when you realize that nVidia stamps their logo on every DX2 ad. =P

Originally posted by Alice
FX series can’t play DX2 >_>

Actually, it can. The MX series can’t play DX2.