Grandpa in the hospital and got kicked out of Airborne.

Well, been a bit since I posted, here goes.

My grandpa had all kinds of cancer problems through the years, and he went in to have some removed from his liver. Complications arose, and now we’ve had to pull him off of the life support. Somehow he’s still alive, although it’s a struggle, but he’s holding on. We took him off at about 6:15 PM yesterday, and he still hasn’t gone. Weird shit that is.

And yeah, I got kicked out of Airborne; I hurt my arm before the PT test and couldn’t cut the pushups. I’m now just waiting for orders and chillin.

That sucks. Are you out for good?

No, just on leave until Monday.

I’m sorry to hear that Varan, I hope that your grandfather will recover. As well as your arm.

Thanks a bunch. My arm feels better now, it just sucked for about a week.

And I didn’t realize you asked if I was permanently out of Airborne, whoops:P I get to try again in six months, though.

Good look with getting in, and I’m glad to hear your arms feeling better. Sorry about your grandad too, I hope he gets better.

I’m sure things will look up again. Somehow they always do.