Grandia II - preview?

Hey, one of my mate’s is lending me, and I was just wondering if I could hear a bit about it?


The battle system and the voice acting were very good, iirc. Other than that, I hardly remember the game. I did enjoy it, and think I may dust off a DC controller to play it again someday, but not memorable (in my eyes, at least).

But don’t play Grandia Xtreme. Good God, is that game awful.

I liked the combat system a fair deal, too. Though I thought some characters were a little underpowered or overpowered, but then again I was just bad at this stuff back then, and the game offers some degree of customizability, so it was likely just me.

Story: Grandia 2 is more serious than the first Grandia (which was a very charming story, thought it did have its serious points.) The stories are ENTIRELY unconnected, tho.
The basic plot is that some people discover that “God” and “The Evil One” are not what they are supposed to be. This is an old RPG idea, but I thought that GII was one of the best interpretations of it.

Graphics: The graphics looked too blocky for my taste, and even the colors were too dark (this might have been intentional, to fit in with the story, or maybe I just feel that way because GI had a brighter, cartoonier style.)

Gameplay: Nothing about the gameplay stands out in my memory; in general it’s similar to GI.

In general, it’s definitely worth playing.

I actualy started playing it again on my old DC a couple of weeks ago. Cool character design and an even cooler battle and super move system. Voice acting is pretty good as well, check it out if you can find it somewhere.

I heard the PS2 and PC versions weren’t as good as the DC version though (muddy graphics or something).

And as Mr. Saturn said, Grandia Xtreme is horrible, not even Mark Hamil could save that game.

Edit: When you do play, upgrade Roan’s “Dragon Rise” and “True Dragon Rise” as fast as possible, that move does very nice damage (his other attacks being a little lame).

Over here, it’s so common for the PC that they’re being sold for $10NZ [regular pricing].

I guess it wasn’t popular.

Grandia 2, was a good game. I didn’t the graphics were muddy on the PS2. Although, I never did see what the Dreamcast ones were like, so I can’t compare.

As for the game itself, yeah the battle mechanics are a lot like the original Grandia. But they have enough different aspects to make them feel like different. And the story is very interesting, it puts like a new spin, on an old idea.

PS: BM1, that technique upgrades due to the story. There is nothing you can do to speed it up.

I liked it. It’s very linear so others may not. The voice acting was very good and the graphics were okay (if you don’t like blood, then I would suggest refraining from using the move Grudging Claws). The music was excellent. It is an easy game except for a few battles which can be insanely hard.

Yeah, thanks.
I got the PC version, and unless I really take the res. to the highest level, it doens’t look REALLY brilliant, but still cool.
I’d love to see the DC version, but I nor anybody I know have one… Damn you OZ!

But thanks guys, I’ve got into it now, just got to the Cyrum Castle underground. Happy Happy!


I had the PC version for a short time (I think a week or two), and it didn’t look quite as sharp as the DC version, but otherwise it’s a great port.