Grandia 2: End game perfectionism

Are there any major things to do after getting back from Valmars Moon besides advancing the plot? And just what is the purpose of the 0 atk weapons in Raul Hills?

Aren’t video games based on advancing the plot?
I don’t think there really is a point for the zero weapons. To make a challenge, I guess?
Plus your overall attack strength is your base strength + your weapon strength, so if you had 255 strength (if that’s what it goes to), it wouldn’t matter whether you had the Zero Broadsword or the Granasaber.

Based on what the ones in Grandia did, check and see if you earn better rewards after battles with the zero weapons equipped.

might be worth a shot, it just bugged the hell out of me seeing the weak things in an area with some of the hardest monsters (devils) in the game.