Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I know this game has been talked about before, but since I busted my leg my mom wanted to know if there were any games I wanted. And since I’m out of comission for 2 months or so, I figured GTA:SA could fill the gap nicely.

To get discussion started easily, how the fuck do I kill freddie?

When you’re chasing him, don’t concentrate too much on shooting, just follow him and he’ll bail eventually. He has to get a lot of distance ahead before the mission fails, so take your time since a full-speed crash lets him get much farther ahead than just slowing down a little. Only shoot when you have a clear shot and there’s no traffic to crash into, it’ll make him bail a little sooner.

Freddie? The Mexican? With OG Loc? If that’s the correct mission, just follow him. There will eventually be a scene where he hops of his bike with like 3 other Vagos, and you kill them all.

Yes, you’re allowed to take your time on this mission. He’ll actually wait for you in some spots, so follow him, but drive carefully. You don’t have to shoot at all until he gets off his bike.

In retrospect, since I never saw the other Vagos show up or anything, and just gunned him down when he fell, I think the AI driving him made him fall off early, or something like that.

Well, my problem is just keeping up with him. It’s kind of like the same problem I had with the very first mission (on the bikes, escaping from the Ballas). Odd things happen, like I fly off the bike for no reason or I knick something and spin out of control. But I thought I had to kill him on the street, so knowing that there’s eventually a scene where he just hops off and I shoot him, that makes me feel better.

Go to the gym and work out on the treadmill to build up your stamina. Once you get it to full, you can essentially peddle like mad.

Treadmill sucks ass. Peddling on the exercise bike is just as fast but a whole lot easier.

I got stuck on the same mission. The Big Smoke mission after that one is so funny. He’s a black guy speaking white guy spanish to some mexicans.

It’s a motorcycle Xelo, not a bicycle. And I already have full stamina. And yes the bike is better - all you have to do is tap x, instead of alternating between x and o.

Yea, just chase him down.The OG Loc missions are so retarded…but then again, once you leave The Grove every mission seems stupid. The early missions are some of the best. Like the one with Big Smoke and the russians. Oh man that was awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, now I remember the mission. Trick is to use a compination of the hand breaks and regular breaks depending on the tightness of the turn. Getting your motorcycle skill up can’t hurt either. You’ll also get used to the handling a bit more.

Blind Man Running!!! How does he not bump in to things?

Big Nutter
I Haven’t played my self but my bro has.

What? Nobodies blind. Please, stop living.

Ooooh! Cold!

Er…anyway. Good game.

Anyone else surprised how “Kill the Haitians!” garners up so much attention and causes new copies of VC to change but people saying nigga everywhere doesn’t get anyone to say anything?

I suppose not…

Why should you? What part of culture is “Kill the Haitians!”? “Nigga” is a very distinct word that is unique to the african american culture. In order to have an accurate representation of the culture and the street life, the word has to be used.

Sorc, for once Big Nutter’s NOT being an idiot. So just wait around. It’ll make sense.


Anyway, I still haven’t beaten the Freddy mission. I’ve killed him six times, and everytime I do, there’s two cops around somewhere that come and harass me. Then ballas show up, then vagos, then it turns into a war. Then I get like, 4 stars and the FBI appear with AK 47s. This game hates me.

Heh, the gang war may be annoying now, but you’ll be whishing it back later :stuck_out_tongue: You could always try and make the area where the mission ends into Grove Street territory, that way homies will spawn there and help protect you, and keep random passing gangs out. And isn’t there a cluckin’ bell right around the area where the mission ends? Just hit that up if you’re running low on health.

I…um, didn’t think of it very much like that.