Grand Theft Auto 5

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming GTA 5!


I’m just interested to hear what you guys think of the new game! Also, I heard it’s going to be based on the GTA 4 game engine so I hope they fix it up for the PC… I mean include the Anti Aliasing and all so it’s not so heavily dependent on the CPU.

Discuss! :slight_smile:

I hope they add a flamethrower, and everything else that was in San Andreas.

I’ve never played San Andreas… a matter of fact, I still haven’t finished Vice City! xD I heard good things about it though… it’s considered the best thus far.

A single shit is not given by me about GTA.

Glad you responded to this thread then!

I’m looking forward to GTAV. Loved the IVth game. Not interested by III.

Yeah, besides San Andreas, the III trilogy kind of went over my head. Loved 4 though, and if it’s in the same tone as 4 then I’m sure I’ll love 5.

The GTA series (well, since III anyway) is really the only non RPG series I really like or follow. Granted, I never finished a single one, V will definitely will be on my wish list.

Here’s a clip of the GTA V beta gameplay! (I can’t confirm the validity of it though… but I’m pretty sure it’s legit) Either way, the realism factor is gonna be unreal! xD


I’ve played Vice City, San Andreas and IV. Played the hell out of all three, and enjoyed each for different reasons. Vice City was my intro and I loved the 80’s theme - and especially the music! I liked San Andreas due to the character customization, and it had a great story. IV was an impressive graphical and gameplay achievement with a decent story and some good characters.

Looking forward to V!

I’ve finished GTA 3 and Vice City (recently) in terms of story but not 100% complete. I must say I enjoyed both heaps! :smiley: I started San Andreas and then it got laggy on my PC! xD (I got a $20 video card… don’t laugh lol!)

I plan on getting a new PC in a few months, so I hope to get back into it then and GTA 4 too! x9