Grah... computer drawings...

I can’t show it to ya’ cause it’s size is too big… anyone know how to make it smaller?

you could send it to me and i could do it,

Oooh. Nice.I like the hair. Is it a named character, or just a random sketch?

Nice photo. Love the way its drawn. I couldn’t have done as good.

Very interesting style, I like it a lot. Drawing on the comp is not very easy, and you’ve managed a really neat picture!

Points at my avvie. Thank you. Computer drawings is not easy… that one took me an hour and a half just to draw it…

hugs charl thank you charle.

A mouse just isn’t meant to be drawn with.

Well, any construckive critism?

Get a scanner? ^^; It’s hard to get anything done with a mouse; IMO it’s not even worth practicing to get better at :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s simply incredible for a mouse drawing, Chris. She looks like a magical girl, doesn’t she? 8)

There’s not much to critique. A few transparency issues, like here eyes being seen through her hair, but otherwise it’s quite good.