As of yesterday I am officially a product of Marshall High School. Definitely seems odd to think that I’m done with high school.

Hey, this is the first time I’ve seen you open a thread outside the Gaming Help forum. Anyways, congratulations to you! What do you plan to do next? And are there any other graduates this year?

I’ve started a few… like the little SC war on the computer game section…
Right now I plan on going to some college or another (anywhere in Missouri with a decent Comp Sci program). Till then I have a job attempting to build a Beowulf cluster (which ain’t too pretty right now). If some decent games would come out I might even wipe some of the dust off the ol’ ps2.

At this moment I am just two short stories away from being a graduate of Brookline High School, despite saying fuck you to the establishment and moving away, living all the way across the country, BECAUSE…

I am awesome at beating the system.


Congratulations on your graduation. I’ve heard that Southwest Missouri State University has a decent computer department.

Frankly when I graduate next week, after I work for about a year to gain money for school, I might try to get out of Missouri (or at the very least, get out of Springfield).

I would leave state, but Missouri owes me 2 grand a year so I think I’ll make them pay up. SMSU is actually one of my main considerations. There is no way in hell I would ever attend Missouri Valley College. It is the shitty school here in Marshall: it is one of the most expensive schools in the state, and is also one of the crappiest. I hear that State Fair in Sedalia is exceptional for a 2 year school, and the there is DeVry but they charge too damn much.

Yeah… all you americans and your getting out of school sooner then me >.>;

I have like, a month… of tormenting pain. fist shake


I just graduated from the University of British Columbia. Yay. :cool:

I remember my graduation. I felt glad, yet sad to be out of high school. Soon after, all my friends went off to college in another city or state, while I’m stuck with my Community College.

Congrats, by the way,

I have just a few more weeks of school, then I’m outta here, man!

Congratulations. Now all you need is a job, and you’re ready to slave your life away for money.
Have a cookie!

I have a job, but it is currently volunteer work, so I get to slave my life away for free.

Congratulations graduates and soon to be graduates, don’t forget to torch the places BURN BABY BURN!
“What will you do afterwards? I’m going to disneyworld!”

with some of the ppl in my class (myself included) I’m quite amazed that someone didn’t torch the place after graduation. A little thermite in certain locations and…

I graduate this Wendsday :yipee: :yipee: but it does feel weird leaving high school,o well I’ll get use to it.

Congratulations. :cool:

does the congratulations dance for people

3 weeks left on Friday.

Ah, my college grad isn’t for at least another 1 and a half years.

Even longer if I do honours.