Gotta say, Tales of Symphonia is a pretty sweet game.

I can see why it had garnered all that praise. After coming of garbage like Paper Mario (yeah, I said it. . So what? Wanna fight about it?) and the underwhelming style over substance that KHII, this is quite a welcome change. I had the game for almost a year now, and only starting playing it about 3 weeks ago. Now I’m almost done with it. Cool story, cool cast of characters. Maybe I like it cos It’s just a traditional RPG through and through, and I havent played one of those in soooooo long.

No spoilers, even though I really am right at the end.

I’ve considered buying a Gamecube for this game and a few others.

I never really liked it. Sure it was a cool game but I really, really hated some parts of it.

Especially the fact that most of the game was waaaay too easy. The final boss fight in particular. What the fuck was up with that? Most regular boss fights were both longer and harder than him. The big skeleton was the ONLY thing that was actually challenging.
And Colette sucked too. She has to be the first character in the game that I never liked in any way. She wasn’t even worth hating, she just plain sucked.

Not at Hard/Mania mode, and the PS2 version is harder, alas we missed on that. Abyssion is also much harder than the skeleton and MORESO in the PS2 version where he opens with a partywipe attack. This move to be specific

That fight is ‘GOOD GAME NEWBS’ usually unless you know what you’re doing or how to avoid it. Then again, some people have soloed that bastard with a lv7 character solo, so hey, all about skill. The final boss also gets extra moves, and the Legendary encounters are pretty sweet, Fighting Kratos, Yuan and Yggdrasill at the pinnacle of their power as heroes is naaaastyyyyy, although Presea can solo all 3 of them, crazy that the little girl is the killer tank deathmachine in the game.

And Colette sucked too. She has to be the first character in the game that I never liked in any way. She wasn’t even worth hating, she just plain sucked.

She’s not that bad, it depends if you play her manually or not, I know Dark Sand can make pretty sick damage with her in S-type, but her T-type skills lack the ‘oomph’. And her secret tech is hilarity.

I would have loved to have that version of the game, it would have made it a lot more worth playing. (And yeah, she is quite crazy. Permanently partied as soon as she appears. ^^)

And I wasn’t commenting on Colette’s powers, I just think that she, as a character, is the worst ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

My disc got scratched ;_;

…and I suck at the Tales games, even though I love them so.

Ditto, although her true power is terrifying. Tiny little Presea, six digit damage which unfortunatly is survived by the Sword Dancer at Mania mode, anything below in difficulty mode and his resists and HP are lower and so he gets 1-shot-killed.

Colette is a little annoying at first, her secrecy and facade of eternal cheerfulness, but she kind of grew on me and by the end I kinda liked her.

By the end I wanted her to die and I was incredibly pissed I accidently got her ending and saved. Holy shit I hated Colette.

One irritating thing about Colette - especially if you hate her - is you always wind up getting her ending unless you treat her like shit during the entire game. She already likes you so much that it’s impossible to get her to leave you alone.

That’s probably the one gripe I have about ToS. Getting your best friend to be, say, Presea or Regal is incredibly difficult because of how long you’ve known Colette already, or even Genis and Raine.

Uh, no. There’s a specific event in the game where you pick what ending you get. You can choose from the top 3 (or 5, forgot) highest affection characters to take an evening stroll in that snow city with, and that locks you into their ending. I didn’t realize this until it was too late.

I guess it was ok. but you have to emitt it was to boring with talking crap.

Pesky story and characterisation, getting in the way…

Talking crap is a staple of the Tales serie nowadays, it makes the game more interesting, and their voice actor choices are usually good.


Okay, that’s just a running gag by the end, I’ll admit.

Top 3. And what I meant was by the fact that Colette wouldn’t leave you alone is that unless you treat them like crap - which you actually don’t have many opportunities to do - your top three always wind up being Colette, Genis, and Raine/Sheena.