Got Street Fighter 4 and Prince of Persia

Unlike others, Im not a fan of the art style of SF4. It’s certainly stylish, but I don’t like the character designs very much. Cant say why. I think it’s the textures. Maybe it could be my SD TV making them appear not as smooth as they would in HD. I dunno. It’s an awesome game, and with the lack of complicated special moves it makes it really easy to pick up and play and immerse myself in. The combos on the other hand, specifically the timing is where the real challenge is. I think that’s what they meant by a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

However, playing this only makes me remember just how much I hate the 360’s D-pad. I hate it. I’ve lost count how many times I tried to throw a fireball just end up doing a shoryuken instead. It’s fucking frustrating. I feel weird using the analog stick because I feel there isn’t as much precision. Here Im kinda forced to.

Well all complaints aside, it’s still a blast. I’ve always preferred 2D fighters to 3D, and this is one of the best.

Prince of Persia…
Well, for one thing, it’s NOT Sands of Time. It’s not even Warrior within. I notice right away you can never fall and die. Kinda kill’s the challenge. I don’t like the contols as much here. It feels weird to do a wall run with the A button instead of teh shoulder buttons. I’m not a fan of the combat system either. Not a fan of this new prince, or the banter. It’s too smarmy for the sake of being smarmy. Doesn’t feel natural. What I do like is racking up some 10 acheivements and almost 100 points in the first hour, as lame as that is.

A lot of those combos are not exactly used in competitive play. Some of the concepts you might learn in those training modes are, but generally, no, you never worry about linking together every difficult set of moves you can possibly link together. It’s too difficult and too impractical in a real match.

On the other hand the easier special moves make it much harder to do combos that actually ARE practical. It’s very easy to get an EX attack when you’re trying to get an Ultra, for example, because of how simplified the moves are. For example, you can do a Shoryuken if you quickly tap down-forward two times and press punch. Give me ‘harder’ special moves any day, if it means that I don’t have to get EX Dragon Punches every time I try an Ultra. Fuck that shit.

I personally really liked PoP. I would’ve liked the combat to have been more engaging and less repetitive. I disagree strongly with people that complain about the rescues from the platforming. If I had to reload a save EVERY SINGLE TIME that I made a mistake I would’ve chucked my cd out the fucking window.

Oh, Im not saying I don’t like that. Just an observation. It does make it easier, in that I dont get a game over screen, but I’m still falling in a single spot for a good 5 minutes.