Got anything cool to share?

The silly stuff on this thread is ammusing, but how about the coolest stuff you’ve ever come across. Been killed by a totally awesome attack? Coolest situation you’ve ever been in? Seen someone else with a cool, awesome, or unbelievable DnD event? Post it here.

Example: ADnD, 2nd ed. Everyone is in a dungeon (Dm has like 30 characters, only two or thre he uses) and we’re near a room with a Rust Monster. He takes his thief, who hand’s over all of his metal gear to one of the dm’s other characters, (his name was Sticky the Kid) walks into the room and totally owns the thing.

Example 2: ADnD, 2nd ed. My character=werewolf archer. We were hunting a vampire overlord for the campain. His lackey shows up (also a vampire) and starts whopping our characters. End of battle, my characters get blown to hell with two giant green energy blades that come hurtling at them, courtesy evil bad guy. Giant explosion. Werewolves cut in half is cool. Even if it was a great character.

what i thought was pretty cool: :thinking:

The DM had a crazy dream sequence that was supposed to give the characters some backstory for the villain and stuff but he wanted it to a little more “real” for role-play purposes.

he had the player with the highest wisdom stay while everyone else left the room, then told the one left behind the dream. When everyone came back he couldn’t just say “I tell them about the dream” he actually had to tell them (and he wasn’t paying attention so it had good RP effect when he was trying to say what happened)

What? Thats it? Nothing else cool?
What a gyp! I had high hopes for this thread oh well…

I ran something similar and got the whole group to fight a Red Dragon. They lost, they couldn’t even hit it due to the armour class. It made the players totally paranoid for the rest of the adventure until it happened (although the real dragon was an illusion) GREAT FUN.

On one adventure into this lair we came across a room with a magic box that acted like a greater Deck of Many Things.

Good effects for some of my players were Loads of Experience points and several magic items.

Bad effects for one players two characters was loss of all money.

Effects for my two carachters being played on my behalf.

Fighter (Level 4) - Killed by a Grim like thing that had AC of -4
Fighter / Cleric (Level 4) - Left like a vegtable as being removed to another dimension.

Well, this isn’t in D&D, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway…

My character in the game we’re currently playing (Gemini) might soon start spontaneously spreading the plague.
There is a book that would give me the ability to actually control the spread of the plague, thus making sure that the whole world isn’t in mortal danger.
It’s just too bad that we burnt it a few sessions ago. ^^;;
And it seemed like such a good idea at the time…