Google+, anyone?

I’ve got a beta account, so if anyone is dying to try it, I can send you an invite. :stuck_out_tongue:

Facebook without being Facebook but it’s by Google so it’s just as bad as Facebook? MAKES PERFECT SENSE

No one will ever be able to call me an early adopter.

Myspace is working just fine for me. Thanks.

I’ll take one.

I’ll wait until enough people are using it that it becomes really relevant. For now it’s looking like the next Orkut.

Are you kidding me? Myspace is so bad now it’s not even funny. It takes forever to load on most computers I visit it with, and barely anyone uses it now.

I’m down.

kk, invites sent. :slight_smile:

Eh, even if it flops like a dead fish, I can say that I got to try it before it totally bombed.

Sounds just the same. Except you didn’t spend $7 per bitcoin or more.

Pay for something? Fuck that noise. :smiley: