Good Website Hosts

Does anyone know of a good website host that dousn’t cost money? I want to make a shrine to my favorite animes, but I can’t find one!

If you want one the post images in your post like Yar, None, free. But Angelfire would be ok.

Big Nutter
Geosites is crap. I’ve got it as a perk of being a Yahoo mail user.

Those two criteria are mutually exclusive.


That’s what I use.

…the hell? That’s image hosting oO
Take or , they both suck but at least you have 50 ~100 MB of space on each. :smiley:

That reminds me DT, did you get to finish your site?

cough cough

things I have to do:

-finish the birthday picture for my aunt
-finish FF8 shrine
-start working on both of my pages
-keep working on that rpg maker game
-get rid of to-do lists which contain huge points

But this means the return of…


The Nutters’ Sprites!

Oh god. Not another sprite theater…

We’re all doomed… >_>

Hehe. Oops. Sorry. Kinda misread.