Good Video Game Comics

I have been looking around deviantART for some funny video game comics and thought I’d start a thread where we share the good video game comics we find.

The idea is to show off some individual, funny video game comics, but if someone knows of a good website (like VG Cats) or a manga that is based off a video game or something–that would be cool too.

Also, if you get the comic from a website full of video game comics, I would appreciate it if you gave the name of the website.

Super Christmas Adventure:

Final Fantasy Parody Comic 4:

Well, I’ve got a whole bunch of (more or less) game-based webcomics.
Some videogames, some tabletop, some gaming in general… And so on.

Awkward Zombie does comics about various games.

Castle Vidcons is sort of… Game consoles as medieval noble families bickering with eachother.

Ding! makes fun of WoW.

Dungeons & Denizens is a D&D parody (surprise).

GU Comics has one panel strips either based on in-game or meta-game jokes.

Nerf Now has mostly done TF2 storylines, but also a short Starcraft story, a L4D arc and a bit more.

8-Bit Theatre, which everyone around here should at least have HEARD of. Started as a Final Fantasy parody, now it’s a huge… Whatever it is.

Order of the Stick is about the adventures of a D&D party called “The Order of the Stick” (duh).

Penny Arcade. 'Nuff said.

The Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby. A WoW comic about the comic’s creator’s (more than a little) whacky guild.

The Villain which, sadly, hasn’t updated for years, is a very witty parody of the Final Fantasy series in general with an INSANE amount of references to just about everything.

Turnsignals on a Land Raider. Based around Warhammer 40K and the two Land Raider crewmen Kren and Frep.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. Also D&D based, but most of the cast are actually monsters instead of adventurers.

…Well, those are the most gaming-related comics I can find in my list of webcomics.
I guess I could also include:

Commisioned which does a D&D storyline that updates once a week.

Goblins. While it is not very game-y, it is clearly based on D&D, with quite a lot of jokes in that direction. Especially early with the dumb (one of them, at least) adventurers whose name I forgot.

LFG which is a very funny comic which seems pretty clearly inspired by WoW, to me.

Nodwick isn’t too much of a game comic. It more closely pokes fun at fantasy in general, but it has some definite D&D moments too.

Supermegatpopia’s “By Way of Booty Bay” is a collection of WoW comics by the author/artist.

But yeah. Those are the gaming related comics that I read at the moment, at least.

EDIT: I might have something more at DeviantArt. Haven’t checked DA for a while, so I can’t remember what I used to check there.

I would have put LFG if pokefreak hadn’t posted it already.

Try The Noob Comic A parody of MMO’s everywhere.

Didn’t we do this before?

Anyway the only thing I can suggest at this time is Hsu and Chan.

Holy crap, that’s still around? Awesome!

This thread is similar, but different. The focus is on video game comics and showing your favorite individual comic as a picture is encouraged.

The only video game comic that I really liked (or really read for that matter, although I now remember having Mario comics), was the Link to the Past comic in Nintendo Power.

The only one I’ve found absolutely hysterical is oldskooled.

but they’re dead.