Good Techno?

Methods of Mayhem - Spun
Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive
Prodigy - The “Fat of the Land” album

There’s also a Super Mario Bros. Techno somewhere out there that’s pretty good.

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DJ Tiesto. 'Nuff said.

Aye, i was gonna mention him, but what i heard of some of his tracks were trance. Ah well they still rock anyways.

techno sucks, but Radiohead did some sweet technoesque stuff on Kid A

Texas Faggott - Back to Mad

I haven’t heard much anything else by Texas Faggott though, so download other stuff at your own risk.

Also, uh, if you think Eiffel 65 is Techno, get the “I’m Blue” song. :smiley:

is that as opposed to a Kansas City faggot?

the underworld and aphex twin stuff I’ve heard is kickin’. Go fer that.

If you like stuff that sounds sort of technoy, but also sounds like 80s trance rock, go for Ladytron, they rule. Moby is also on the techno fringe you could say, but not really.

edit: I can hook you up with a bunch of Ladytron and some Moby. I also have about 2-5 Aphex/Underworld songs.

Moby has some good stuff nonetheless. Porcelain and his James Bond remix are neat.

Gary Numan made sweet synth rock in the late 70s and the 80s. It’s sort of like techno, but instead of being really bad, it’s good.

Listen to some Tetris Techno. points to homepage The “Lets’ play some tetris mother fucker” mix is pretty damn tight.