Good Techno?

I’ve got enough rock. I’ve got enough rap. I’ve got enough soul, r&b, and everything else for my liking right now.

What I don’t have enough of is Techno. So…for those of us who like techno, list off some favorites. I need some new listening material. Thanks.

I don’t listen to a lot of techno, but there are some DDR tracks I really like. The Matrix soundtrack has a couple good techno tracks too. I’ve been wondering about the 2nd Matrix soundtrack. Is it worth getting like the first ?

I’ve only briefly listened too it, by which I mean I listened to a bit of the songs. It’s double disc, which is odd for a soundtrack, but from what I heard it was pretty good.

I love techno. Though I’m in the mainstream techno, no underground unheard of stuff though. The ones I can think of that I like are

Leave you far behind-Lunatic Calm
Time to burn-Storm (this track is debatable, it comes off the Ministry of sound I believe so it may be too trance for you)
The Theme-Brooklyn Bounce
Mortal Kombat-Utah Saints take on the theme from MK
Set me free(trance mix)-Paul Oakenfold
Satisfaction-Benny Benassi
Smack my bitch up-Prodigy
Intergalactic-Beastie Boys

EDIT-Quadrophonia (radio edit)-Quadrophonia.

Obviously some of them can be defined as techno, and then some. I don’t have very many techno tracks since I’m picky, so i don’t have a lot of the “hardcore” techno. My music tastes are greatly influenced by house and trance/dance as well, so I apologize if I got some tracks mixed up and they didn’t have the sound you were asking for, or if you have some of these…hopefully someone else will follow up on my list because I need some new tracks as well.

techno? psh, you don’t need techno, you need black metal!!

But, techno is alright. I prefer trance though, which is mostly music. Shpongle and infected mushroom are some really good psy-trance groups, check out some stuff by them.

I’m not 100& positive on the definition of Techno, but to my knowledge, that’s what Daft Punk does mostly, and they’re damn good at it.

Be sure to get One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.

You can hear that second one right here.

EDIT: Better source posted.

Don’t forget Around The World dies from constant repeatition

Do you have enough classical music?
I don’t like the synthetic and repetitive sounds techno produces. Instead I listen to the nonsynthetic repetitive sounds classical music produces.

Go Johan Sebastian Bach.

Zeppy’s probably the best authority on this around here, but I can give a few recommendations as well. My favourite techno CD, hands down, is “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” by Underworld, and a close second is “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” by Aphex Twin. The former is similar to a rock album in some ways (there’s more focus on a singer than in most techno), but is still different enough to be classified in a whole other genre. Regardless, it contains a whole lot of absolutely awesome tracks. The latter is more airy, light instrumental music, which you might not like. Also, if you like rap, you might want to try “Mezzanine” or “Blue Lines” by Massive Attack, since they mix some rapping with techno, singing, dub, and a whole slew of other stuff. “Dig Your Own Hole” by the Chemical Brothers has kind of a hip-hop edge to it, as well.

Einhander OST

Front Mission Alternative OST

iS : Internal Section OST

Driving Emotion Type-S OST

Parasite Eve OST

Ehrgeiz OST

Tobal 2 OST

These are the VGM techno albums I know of.

If you like The Crystal Method, then I guess anything by them is good.

If you’re open enough to experimental techno, then give these a shot :

That’s all that comes to mind =/

Classical and techno go good together sometimes. I listened to Moonlight Sonata techno remix and it was pretty funky. However some may say adding the dance edge is bastardizing the actual composure but meh.

The only techno artist who seems to have consistently churned out good stuff (in my eyes) is DJ Mystik, might wanna look for “moonlight shadow,” “send me an angel,” “angels crying,” (originally by e-type, but the cover by DJ Mystik is a bit faster, I kinda like it more) “here I go again,” “unchained melody,” and “I can’t stop raving.” Also look for Dune’s cover of “I can’t stop raving,” as that has a cool little segment in the middle. Some other songs you should check out are, William Hawk’s “Say Goodbye,” Sarina Paris’s “Castles in the Sky” (I think this is good, don’t remember though), ACDC’s techno rendition of the “Neverending Story” theme, “Angel” by Joee, “Eurodancer” by DJ Mangoo, as well as a file I have called “euphoria - techno pop (pure euro remix).mp3,” which I don’t know the real name of.

I’m more into the melodic techno/trance songs, where the beats in the background aren’t the most overpowering thing, just an important thing. I dunno much about the techno scene - I just have a friend who is pretty knowledgeable, and he gives me songs from time to time.

-Mazrim Taim

Originally posted by Evangelion
Classical and techno go good together sometimes. I listened to Moonlight Sonata techno remix and it was pretty funky. However some may say adding the dance edge is bastardizing the actual composure but meh.

I agree, most classical/techno tunes are pretty funky and awesome.

-Mazrim Taim

Matrix 2 isn’t really techno, it’s more classical-imposter-with-some-techno-bits. Still rawls though. I am a Matrix fanboy

And if you’re talking about Daft Punk, how can you forget Da Funk?

Try some of Aphex Twin’s more coherent tracks. He does practically everything under the sun, but if you can get your hands on The Two Remixes you wont regret it. That and it’s worth money.

Yo SK, next time you come on, send me some of those Aphex Twins and Underworld tracks. Zeppy wasn’t at the right pc last time and I don’t see him too often. I wanna hear what those are like.

Uh yea, same here.

73096225 please :slight_smile:

And thanks for the suggestions guys, it’s coming along great.

Lords of Acid and Prodigy- the only techno you need (its all I listen to).

I like techno but I don’t know any songs or artists. I was kinda turned off by it at a freind’s wedding reception. The DJ she had play at least 75% techno songs (she loves dancing to it), by the end of the night I had a huge headache.

I do like some DDR tracks. If you download the DDR emulator you can get the MP3’s of pretty much any song that it runs.

Rhythm and Police
Beethoven Virus

There are some others, but I do like these songs.

DJ Tiesto. 'Nuff said.