Good or Bad?

The music: Bad
The video: VERY bad

I’d have to disagree… I say:

The Music: VERY bad
The video: Bad

The Music: bleh
The video: AFI ripoff

the music: it had its moments but not something i’d want to listen to on a daily basis
the video: not that great

Fweh. Rubbish.

meh fuck you guys and your metal

Total garbage. Shin, you suck.

You know when you see a movie on USA, and it’s like Beverly Hills cop 2, and you have nothing else to do, so you sit through it but you don’t really enjoy it. Well, it was a little better then that, but I wouldn’t say it was “bad”.

i liek this song becoz it combinz deep emotionl lyricss with hard rocx & mettals

I like it since he makes out with a nun, that is every man’s fantasy.

my fantasy was once to be a nun and make out with a guy…