Gonna be an infectious disease doctor

:moogle: Found out today after many interviews and sad life story essays :moogle:

Now the specialist physician population of RPGC has doubled

If anyone lives in Cincinnati next year we could /run around in circles

got so used to Facebook that I tried to look for the Like button :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job!

Congrats. I’m sure it took many, many years of education to get here. How’s it feel to be done?

Do not eat their chili.



I wish I was completely done. Still going to be living on a slightly boosted resident salary for another 2 years.

Also I’ve seen what “Cincinnati chili” is before


Man, how many of us are now doctors, lawyers, or programmers?

Not I. I went blue collar and stayed that way. The cost and time investment of an education didn’t make sense to me, when comparing the income I have now. I work long hours and rarely have a day off, but my wife and I are decently well off as a result.

Still, respect for those who did put the time in to make something of yourselves.

The sad thing is, I’m only doing well because I’m a low-level grunt at both my jobs. If I were to try and move up the ladder -and I easily could, anytime I want- the carefully planned balance between jobs would collapse and I’d lose out on a lot. :confused:

Congrats! I love the irony that you’re going into ID (klez), but really, I think ID’s a lot of fun. I made a point of doing a huge chunk of my residency in ID related rotations. What made you pick that program for your match? Are you there for 2 years? Is this through UC and if so, will you work with a VA?

  1. Congratulations!

  2. If you’re gonna be living in Cincinnati, check out Arcade Legacy. It’s one of the coolest gaming stores I’ve ever seen. They even started a bar since the time I went out there. http://www.arcadelegacyohio.com/ You’re welcome in advance.

During my interview tours, the UC program was one of the better organized ones and the ID department was very active and involved in the medicine program too. At some of the other programs I interviewed at, the ID program didn’t seem to have a lot of intra-hospital clout, which is perhaps unfortunately a necessity if you want to a) have enough funds to actually practice academic medicine (my current hospital’s process for getting oritavancin or dalbavancin takes an ID consult and a virgin sacrifice) and b) have an easier time not being shit on in terms of influencing the terms by which consultation come in, especially in the teaching service (I’m sure you’ve had your share of BS consults and turfs while doing your medicine training, but it’s always easier to keep that to a minimum if you’re necessary rather than replaceable). The national VA ID program director is also there so yes there will be a large VA component to my training - and one of the factors that contributed to my decision is that the VA holds a second-to-none wealth of data hosted on a single system that I can use for large-scale retrospective studies. This gets rid of a huge headache for me since from a data science perspective, getting and cleaning data is perhaps 90% of the work. The program I signed up for is 2 years (didn’t want to commit immediately to a 3-year clinical research track if I could accomplish my projects in 2 years).

And yes, SG, will definitely be checking that place out!

I hope you like playing cornhole. I don’t. Fuck Cincinnati. Also Cincinnati chili is awesome wtf are you talking about. I love Cincinnati. Too many Germans there though. I hate fucking Ohio nazis. But at least it’s close to Kentucky, so you have quick and easy access to all the meth you could ever want. Overall, I give Cincinnati a 6.5 / 10.

Glad you like cinnamon in your chili and it always served on top of spaghetti.

That’s pretty amazing. I’ll take hope from this that it is actually possible to complete a program of study!

Can’t be worse than Chicago and their wading pools of grease, better known as Deep Dish Pizzas.

But then, choosing between Ohio and Illinois is like choosing Ranch or Italian Dressing to slather on the shit salad that is the US Midwest.


(don’t try this at home - you can literally (YES LITERALLY - FUCKING LITERALLY LITERALLY) die from eating too much cinnamon at once)

I’m happy for you, this seems like a good set up for you. I really enjoyed working at the VA as a resident. Its a weird place, but it has its plusses, not just the minuses, and the vets are great. Like you said, the databases you will have access to will let you do some interesting stuff. Places that don’t manage antibiotics responsibly are terrifying. One day we’ll all be in the ICU and we’ll all have MRVSA with CROs and we’ll be on dialysis from polymixin. Since you’re in it for 2 years, you’ll be done before me, ironically.

And yeah I’ve seen my share and continue to see ridiculous consultations.

So how long until the antibiotic resistant bacteria kill us all?

Well, there’s always bleach…