Well, I’m outta here, for at least 2 months, probably closer to Christmas if I even come back. So Adios. See Ya’ll later, and all that good stuff.

(Im leaving for basic training so you know, thought I was leavin tommorow but meh no biggie.)

ok, bye.

If i knew you better, id be more in depth, but i dont, so i wont.


Are you going to be an army of one?

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Bai. :wave:

I love you TD.

Bai-Bai!! huggles See ya layer :slight_smile:

Goodbye…try not to get killed in training…

Farewell! G’luck! :wave:

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Bye’, and hands you a bucket of tears.

Cya later…

Bye, have fun I guess.

SD ;_;

Don’t let Sargeant Hardon see you naked in the shower

Cya SD, even though you’re not going to see this since you’re probably at MEPS or possibly on your way by now.

As for what he’s doing in the Armed Services, for people who asked/want to know, he’s going to Fort Knox for training as a tank operator in the U.S. Army.

Good luck and don’t blow up any civilians for points.

Cya SD.

Have fun. Use a gun.

See ya
Don’t forget to take photos to show us when you come back :wave:

So long. We’ll try not to blow up the forum while you’re gone.


Yes this means I’m still here, but it’s only for 2 months, cause then I get to go back to MEPS.

Anyway here’s the story, I ride up to Baltimore, which is a 4.5 hour drive from here, get to the hotel at about midnight. I then leave for MEPS at 5am at which point they say I’m not supposed to be there because they cant find my paperwork. Took 2 hours to get that straightened out because they misplaced my stuff. Okay I’m a little miffed but it’s all good I’m still on schedule to ship. THEN they decide to tell me that I’m 1% overweight, which is due to me hogging down the past few days out of which I’m guessing nervousness. My recruiter knew about this when I weighed in at the recruiter station but he said it was ok but he’d take care of it. Well he didnt, That meant I had to wait till right at midnight for him to show up, then drive back here, then wait for an hour and a half till someone woke up because I forgot to call home. So then I went to sleep, woke up a couple hours ago. And here I am. I’d just figure ya’ll would want to know why I’m back when I made this thread. So for those that read this thanks for reading the rant, I appreciate it. For those that dont read the rant FUCK YOU HAHAHAHA YOU DIDNT READ THIS. Anyway like I said I go back October 28th I do believe. So yeah fun, and if they screw up this time I’m not joining the military.