-Patient needs operation.
-Doctor operates.
-Doctor loses needle.
-Doctor calls buddy.
-Doctors spend HOURS looking in vain.
-Doctors fail. Seal it up, it gets stuck in the liver.

My question: why didnt they try a magnet?

Aren’t needles basically all plastic now? Anyway, the most unsettling part is that it’s been there for four years.

Or tried an x-ray after the surgery?

Wow that’s like to trying to find a needle in a LIVER!!! LOL GET IT IN A LIVER!

… um … ow?

It probably wasn’t in the textbook. That’s the usual reason for why things remain untried.

At least they didn’t amputate the wrong leg.

If he’s a strong drinker, maybe it’ll dissolve with time o.o

Along with the liver itself.


The needle tip itself is metal even if the rest is plastic.