Golden sun sequel

after about eight or nine years, nintendo and camelot company have made a sequel.
And this time it is not a hoax…
They have confirmed a sequel and produced a video of gameplay at E3 2009

Although not amazing news to some this is great for the fans of one of the lesser known RPGs…

Just a wee bit little late with this one… it’s been known for over a month.

eheh, i didn’t know actually.
i liked the first games, and i just saw the “new” video. this one is looking pretty good too:moogle:

  1. That’s pretty old news

  2. Golden Sun is not a lesser-known RPG, it’s actually alarmingly popular given how crappy it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t heard either, but then I’m usually behind the times. :wink:

I played both Golden Suns and liked them well enough. Except the fact the story continued from one to the other. They should have let me know that first, I hate playing games with incomplete stories. I hope they don’t do the same thing again!

I’m with SG on this one.

Golden Sun is like the height of mediocrity. How it has gotten such acclaim, I do not know.

Mainly because of the awesome puzzles. Other than that, I agree there isn’t much there.

height of mediocrity my ass :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually sort of liked the games. I probably would have sort of liked them more if the “story scenes” weren’t so goddamn long and repetitive.

It was an ok game on the GBA, which at the time was so dry on RPGs we probably accepted anything.

I don’t even think the puzzles in Golden Sun were really awesome. To me, a puzzle isn’t a good puzzle if there’s a clear solution. Most of the time, the puzzles of Golden Sun were “here’s some water, hmm, should I use Psynergy to turn it into ice or should I NOT use Psynergy to NOT turn it into ice?”

Games like Golden Sun are my least favorite kinds of games; they’re not good, of course. But, they’re not even BAD. Golden Sun doesn’t even suck, which is what’s SO annoying. There’s virtually NOTHING I find redeeming about the game, but there’s also virtually NOTHING bad to say about it. It’s so damnably neutral - it reminds me of the kinds of guys who try to get girls to like them by having no opinion or always agreeing with everything they say, desperately hoping not to piss them off so that MAYBE they’ll pay him some attention.

Er… sorry? You don’t like it because it isn’t bad enough? O_o

I thought the puzzles were great because there were quite a few things that required a mixture of Psynergies, or using a particular Psynergy on an item that might not be immediately apparent. Also, because Psynergy actually affects things around you (rather than tools that are specific to a particular kind of stone or glowy ball thing) it seemed a lot neater.

I guess what I said sounds pretty weird. What I mean is, there’s something inherently entertaining about even bad games, because they spark intense emotion, or you can at least be amazed and bewildered at how bad something is. Golden Sun isn’t a good game, but it doesn’t even make me feel the intensity I expect from playing a bad game. It’s soulless.

Of course, I would prefer it if Golden Sun were GOOD, but I’m not saying I disliked it because it wasn’t bad enough; what I’m saying is, I would prefer to play a horrendous game before playing a game that was so smack in the middle on every respect that it didn’t stir up any particular feelings whatsoever while playing.

sorry if its late - no one else had reported it.
Also i’m in europe - we get news later than the USA…

Golden sun is also admitably a “loath it or love it” game…

Maybe you should visit better news sites like Edge, Kotaku or 1up then. As far as I know, Europe doesn’t cut access to US sites.

in my case i found it originally in a game magazine and had it confirmed on 1up (bcos there has been a few hoaxes b4). The reason i probably didn’t find it is that ive been more focused on other things (eg work and courses)

For those who have complaints - hopefully they will have remedied most of the bad points seeing as they’ve had seven or so years…and if golden sun is that bad why does it have such a wide fan base
(clue - maybe they like it for its original retro/‘down to earth’ feel)

Like SG said, it isn’t bad at all. I don’t think most people share his affinity for horrendous games being somehow enjoyable. 8p Me, I’d prefer a mediocre game any day to one that’s really terrible. However, it’s nowhere near top-caliber. They’re relatively entertaining time-wasters, is all.

It has such a wide fan base in part because of what Zero said. At the time, the GBA was so starved for RPGs that even mediocre RPGs were eaten up and praised as being great. For a while, Golden Sun WAS the best RPG on the GBA. I will readily admit that. However, it got that title by default because there were pretty much no other RPGs for the system for a while there.

Oh well…each to their own…

At least some of us are happy about the release…