"Golden" Age of Comics? I think Not!

So hilariously bad you’d swear they were photoshop jobs, but amazingly enough there are REAL.

Superman Is A Dick

Have fun browsing, kids.

These have had me eating LMAOnaise almost all day since I found them on some other message board forums, and I figured I’d share it with y’all. Here’s a small sample…

Dot dot dot …

This is actually a couple years after the Golden age ended. The Silver Age begun in 1956.

It took you THAT long to figure it out? Remember, this IS Pre-Crisis Superman.

There’s some sig-worthy dialogue, there. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Jeeze, that is pretty bad. But it can’t be worst then this one Superman comic I saw the cover for in Wizard. It shows Lois turning herself into a black lady! Yea, I am being serous here…Lois Lane turns into a African Amercia thanks to a machine Superman has. If someone can find the cover for that, post it here. :stuck_out_tongue:

[edit] No wait, I found that strang issue on the same site linked eariler in the thread.

<img src=“http://www.comics.org/graphics/covers/1296/400/1296_4_106.jpg”>

I read a lot of Lois Lane comics (in Spanish reprints) as a kid, and yeah, they were hilarious. And poor Lois often was either portrayed as a shrew, or treated ingloriously (the title was written by some pretty chauvinistic old men.)

And Charle is right, this is Silver Age/Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman. HOWEVER, I’d like to point out that DC comics started modernizing its characters in the 70’s, making them behave more realistically. And Lois was treated better, too. The problem was, this WAS still supposed to be the SAME Superman from the silly 50’s and 60’s stories, which didn’t make much sense, so DC HAD to start things over from square one sooner or later (thus CoIE.)

Heh, I actually read an article on something similar to this recently. Superman’s Pal, Jummy Olsen!

I wonder what this age is called? The “Finally, some decent fucking artwork and coloring” age?

Well, if we continue the Greek Legend analogy, this would be either the Bronze or the Iron Age (probably Iron, since as I pointed out, there WAS a distinctive comics period between the Silver and the current one.) Most people just call it the Modern Age, however.

And there WAS plenty of good artwork in the past. Heck, if we measure art by how much effort is put into it, many old comics have most current ones beaten.

We’re in the Modern Age right now.

Rirse: I was hoping somebody would find that one. Mostly since in modern eyes its hard not to look at that and think it’s so ridiciulous and offensive that it’s got to be parody of that age, and/or a modern photoshop job. But amazingly it isn’t.

Crono: Yeah, actually, I think I-mockery is probably the root source of these things for the threads like this I found on other boards. As those threads go on, they get heavily into the Jimmy Olsen ones, some of which are even worse.

Kaiser: The thing is, that color-switching story was meant as an effort to BE socially conscious for its times. It failed because of the way it tried to deal with the topic, not because of its intentions. Then again, the 70’s were a time of much social unrest as America tried to finally be fair to its minorities; this wasn’t the only attempt that came across as ridiculously clueless.

Well, I can’t attest to the artwork, but the coloring is crappy because the printers back then were extremely stingy with their inks because of manufacturing costs.
The artists had to comply with what colors they were given to work with by the printers, so that’s why so many comic books use basic, bright colors without tints or gradients.
Modern printers have a LOT more flexibility in terms of color and shading because of digital advances, and platemaking advances. Comic artists now do not have to follow the strict printing guidelines that were given to them by their predecessors.

(This is at least ONE lecture from my printing class that I remember. :P)

This actually reminds me of the time they tried to force comic book artists to follow a stupid code made up by a group that demonized comics. That was utterly retarded. I mean, they went “OMG we don’t like comics, so nobody is allowed to!”, and for a long time, comics were turned into mediocre works, confined to narrow mentalities.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Manus, you can clearly see the Comic Code on the two comic covers in the upper right hand corner. Of course that thing has been phased out, which you can tell on comics from Marvel Max or DC Vertigo. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Comics Code came about because of a persecution of comics as being “an immoral influence on children” by some nut called Dr. Fredrick Wertham during the 50’s. He even wrote a book about it, “Seduction of the Innocent”. The Comics Companies were so afraid of government involment, they decided to invent the Comics Code, where they forced themselves to limiting the questionable stuff -violence, sex, even religion- that appeared in their comics, in order to get the Comics Code Authorithy seal on their comics. Newstands wouldn’t sell the comics without it.

The first comic to defy this was a Spider-Man story where Stan Lee wanted to send an anti-drugs message (Harry experiments with drugs and almost dies) to young people. Today it is considered a landmark.

The code lost its power when comics began selling mostly thru comics-specialty stores, in the 80’s. The owners didn’t care about the seal, and neither did their clients.

While I agree that the Code limited the topics that could be used (and some VERY good comics stories have had those ‘questionable elements’) I do feel that many Silver Age stories were good DESPITE of it. Many writers of the time claimed it made them look for other ways to make the stories interesting, rather than depend on cheap gimmicks like sex or gore.

You’re an idiot! Yeah, they’re finally getting some good artwork. If by that you mean they’re finally just making it look like manga. The art nowadays is the worst I’ve ever seen. Its just garbage, take a look at that new spiderman, where the bug lady turns him into a giant spider. thats hideous! I prefer the days when there were little dots of colour.


Jesus, if you only knew how much I hated anime shit in comic… holy hell… omg… no. Please do not assume that I meant that.

((I almost had a heart attack at the idea that someone thinks I like american-anime SHIT)) ::doh::

Yeah, maybe you’ll think twice… jerk.