Going to China

Yep. I’m gonna go to China for a couple a’ weeks along with my family. Just thought you should know.

Not that, you know, I say much anyway. :hahaha;

See y’all.

When you come back, make sure to post a bunch of long rambling threads about how you kissed a girl in China once, or maybe even something about a dull encounter with the police.

Make sure a communist spy doesn’t switch places with you!

Yeah yeah. Lots of threads

Have fun! Don’t eat the toothpaste!

I bet the toothpaste will be better than the water in some parts.

I bet the water isn’t far from the consistency of toothpaste in some parts. >.>

Beware Zeppelin.

I won’t take that bet.

Trill won the bet :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is everyone coming to Asia NOW that I am leaving? asshats >:|
…wait, maybe that -is- the reason. ;o;

Ya, probably.

Uh, yeah, and I’m back again. :slight_smile: I’ll try to make some thread with pictures or stuff when I get to it.

Tell us about the water.

Yeah, what colour was it?

It was honestly completely normal, but hardly drinkable. Bottle water was consumed. Lots of it.

Was the bottled water Made in China?

Don’t be dumb. Everything is made in China.