Going Professional

Today I received my TopDev card by mail.


I can barely feel my legs now from joy right now.

The sayings are in Portuguese, they mean 5 Stars Professional.

Microsoft has a program (not as in computer program), where our software development knowledge is measured in stars. They go up to five, so we can compare ourselves with hotels XD I currently have three stars. I can deal with a little Visual Basic.NET, but my big focus is C# (hence the avatar). I also deal with other languages like SQL, UML and XML, and I’m implementing Message Queues and Web Services in my applications.

Next week I’m receiving a book which will help me getting a professional certificate. So, some time next semester I’ll take a test to become MCP (professional), which also gives me the fourth star. Then next year I’ll go for MCAD (application developer) and MCSD (solution developer), that gives me the fifth. But that’s not the end, for I plan to fetch a MCSE (system engineer), which is more advanced, by the time I get my diploma.

But right now, I feel like I could use some vacations. I’ll spend the next seven days away from my job.


Congrats man.

Hey, you know SQL? Does this include MySQL and/or PHP4 in any way? I need some help. >.>

Congrats, though. Seriously, I’d feel so accomplished after earning all that, but I dunno if I’m even gonna go down the IT road, cool as it sounds.

wow congrats…

Three Stars? HAH! By sacrificing both of my monsters on the field, and then activating my Summon Things From UP my Sleeve Card, I bring a FOUR Star monster to the field, whose Special Ability I will keep describing pointlessly every turn, and-

-Whoops, sorry, still on a YUGIOH kick. :hahaha; What I meant to say was: Congratulations, that sounds like it will greatly help your career, and I hope you get the rest of the stars as well. :cool:

:noway: I’m not Yugi, damnit!

Good for you, soulless one.

Congrats! I hope to follow in thine steps. Well, maybe not Microsoft specifically, but programming wise.

microsoft is the goddam devil. im going mac.



And congrats man.

Congrats man, say hi to Satan.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Sil: no big difference, really =p

Ion: a good programmer is a good programmer no matter which framework he works onto. But do check every possibility, so you’ll be more versatile ;D I’m cheering you if you keep up to your words.

Will: Yugi? Heretic, you’re one of the responsible for M:tG’s loss of respect =p XD

Cala: I can’t deal with PHP, but PM me or open a thread about what you need with MySQL and I’ll try my best to help.

Steve Jobs is an asshole, too. Do you really want to give him money? Why don’t you download Linux or something, it’s free. I use Windows because I really don’t care, but it’s pretty hypocritical to denounce Gates when Jobs is pretty fucking bad, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on that little deal. Yes, Steve Jobs is an asshole in hippie’s clothing.