This is an official call for help.
My story The Sephir, is going no where. I need help, I’ve run out of ideas, and I’m considering pulling the plug.

Weiila why won’t you update it? ;_;

Well… hmm… I can’t think of anything at the moment…

Weiil has been very busy. TD shall do it

Ninjas solve all problems.

Go watch movies you’ve never seen before.

Originally posted by Chris-chris
Weiil has been very busy. TD shall do it

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Only if it’s good enough. Otherwise, no go.

Writer’s Block sucks. I don’t know if this will help at all, but there’s that column located under ‘Fanfiction’ at RPGclassics.com where you roll the dice and figure out where to go from there. Just a suggestion. Otherwise dig deep into your mind, my child, and search for something wise. Ahummmmm:noway:

I thought I made it rather clear that unless you fixed that fighting paragraph with all the repetitions and the similar things, but more importantly got rid of the “I-have-a-beautiful-and-sexy-girlfriend-who’s-way-better-than-anybody-you’ll-ever-find-you-loosers-hahahaha” style, I wouldn’t accept any more of the fic. I have tried to tell you straight out, hint at gently, hint at less gently, told you somewhat blunt and now I’m going to be blunt. Sorry, but I have to be clear this time even if I don’t like being like this.
You write in such an arrogant Mary Sueish way about Rachel, makes yourself into a Marty Stu yourself who makes Cloud look like a five year old coward, to sum it up, with so much arrogance that it’s not even funny to read. Fix this and I will consider updating more, get it? Because the way it is now, the stuff with Rachel, for example that “Shouldn’t you be wearing more clothes? I think the guys are getting a natural reaction to you…” or something like that quote you wanted in, it’s just stupid. Can’t you hear how self-satisfying it is? And it’s nothing else than that.
I’m sorry Hayes, but it’s the truth.

Oh, I see.

Put Charlemagne in it, he can join forces with Robocop to fight dinosaurs! or somthing…

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Put Charlemagne in it, he can join forces with Robocop to fight dinosaurs! or somthing…

Now THAT sounds like an award-winning story!

… Actually, that might actually be just what you need, Hayes :slight_smile: Turn the story around and exchange the baddies and Cloud for RPGCers, and it WILL be a winner. You had some really good humor in the first chapters, that’s what you can focus on if you make it a little silly, and you’ll get a cool story for sure :slight_smile:

Fine, soon you will all see an alternate reality version of The Sephir… Coming to a nuthouse near you!

That’s the spirit! And believe me Seph, I really am sorry about breaking your will to write for a while, and I hope that you’ll get back to it :slight_smile: