God Damnit, Snake

Looks like David Hayter’s busying himself with yet ANOTHER movie-based-on-comic script. “The Watchman”? never heard of it. How many of these fuckers must we endure before we finally get to see MGS on the big screen?

  1. Metal Gear Solid takes at least 9 hours to beat, a movie isn’t gonna happen.

  2. The game was also made seemingly in the style of a movie, so it’s double-not gonna be made.

The Watchmen… I’ve read that. It deals with some world that has outlawed non-government agent superheroes and some weird stuff involving Oxymandias. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, X.

  1. Your mother’s a whore

  2. Your father smells of elderberry

Seriously, what would you rathar have? A MGS movie, directed by Kojima? Or another fucking comic-based movie?

Metal Gear movie directed by Kojima.
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I’m in agreeance with X
I’m getting tired of these shitty comic-movies.

Go damn it, Snake! This is why we cant have nice things!

I dunno… The Watchmen is considered by many the all time greatest comic book story. It’s usually ranked #1 or #2 on comic book afficionado lists.

Meh, that doesn’t mean it can be made into a good movie.

True. It would make for a confusing movie, and if some plot points were left out, the comic bookers would riot. Most likely, only the comic bookers would understand it unless handled well.

Watchmen was good, but I weanna see a freakin’ Preacher movie! That would kick SOOOO much ass.

StormWatch would also be good, if done proporly.

Speaking of comic book movies, I heard a whole crap load of Crossgen comics are going to be adapted to movies. If they make Brath or Sojourn suck… I won’t do anything, but I’ll be pretty pissed off.

I don’t know X… Hollywood has a tendency to screw up good games.

Make a MGS movie may be like putting the series through meat grinder, and then smashing the pieces into a patty.

Unless Kojima gets involved.

X, if game directors could even consider getting close to the maligned licenses, we wouldn’t continually be served the crap we keep getting from them.

Sorry man, but make a movie, the ball is in someone else’s turf.

Meh, I want to see an MGS movie, seeing as MGS2 was like one big movie with all the freaking cutscenes.

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
Unless Kojima gets involved.

Sakaguchi was involved with Final Fnatasy and it still bombed in the theaters (despite how much I like it). Besides, you saw how much fans disliked any change from the norm when Raiden was introduced. I thought that Raiden was fine and was an interesting character since he was new to the MG universe, but that didn’t matter in the long run. Long story short, the movie would bomb. Not only that, but as SG said, MG games are already very cinematic. MG games have been said that there is too much cinema and not enough gameplay, so why take away the gameplay and leave only cinema?