Go sprite yourself

Anyone made sprites of themselves? I will, but not yet.

I have and technicly Mog has to. although he cheated.

:moogle: What? so technicly this sprite belongs to the board. what are they gonna do? Point at me and go “shame”.

This Is the closest I could get to there real person in a hurry, I don’t have a par of red trowsers. But my obesson with staffs are show. Some Members of my sprite crew are across between their real selves and their online persona. Darkie is most regular but there is also Tina. This you see is Mark 2. WindyTWIT also a Mark 2.

I, 2k, and The WindyTWIT are just pure invention. But are more Custom Sprite than Nutter is.

I’ll have some of me in just a moment. I’m making a game in which I am the main chara.