Give me back my fic you little #~'@!

What do you mean ‘somewhat’ based on!?

And again!


A Fanfic Writer’s Guide to Choosing Pairings

Look at the title. It looks promising. Full of hope, of the promise that maybe not everyone on that site is crazy and fixated on yaoi. Clicking, I look forward to maybe reading a half-decent document about how to make different pairings work, and hope that maybe other, crappier writers, will do the same and learn.

But no. It’s just a sad attempt at humor in script format. I guess they are all idiots.

Once I dreamed a dream. But now that dream is gone for me.


They also stole my ideas (again!) on human/GF pairings, but I’m gonna ignore that. >:( It is not ‘kinky’!

You should tell Dark Lulu that she’s raping your ideas and should put a lid on -_- On the bright side it seems she hasn’t touched it since July.

And damn, that second one started out so well… at least in the foreword. Then it went to hell. I’m not even checking the third.

You could always keep in mind that they kidnap Diamond Dust because they think it’s a good story. Then again, looking at what they then do to it :noway:

Like Weiila said. On one hand it is probably one of the best stories on the site, so if you are goiing to steel, steel from the best.

But after reading what they have done to your idea, that is just plain rude!

Actually I’m not sure whether rude is a strong enough word for what they did. Since your the writer Pierson, I’m sure you can come up with a better descriptive term for what they have done.

Inspiration is one thing. Ripping off an idea is another thing entirely. :thud: Not only is it rude, it’s also lazy- I don’t know about you, but when I see the words “somewhat based on” I immediately think “ah. This means the original will be much better than this”. Obviously, there are exceptions (Airport/Airplane!, for example) but frankly, these (and many others on that godforsaken site) do not qualify.

Still, it could have been worse- they might have actually calimed their stories as improvments… then you could have been in with a chance of hitting them with a libel charge :mwahaha:

We must get rid of them.

With fire.

Lots of fire.



Don’t waste your time venting here. Vent on the author herself :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t peruse enough anymore to know if anyone ripped off OEAIIIH… Although I think I saw one that was awfully similar. Fortunately, my story was really more of a cult hit and most of my reviews came from a select group of more popular authors that got into it. I doubt I had the mainstream exposure necessary for some fangirl\boy to steal from it.

But yeah, you should do something about that. Don’t know what, but at least bug the shit out of them. is the devil. That’s why my fanfics are here, and not there…unless some bastard ripped them off!

That happened once with the ff-breakroom, remember that Gallo? That author did mention though as a collegue or something if I recall correctly.

Originally posted by Weiila
That happened once with the ff-breakroom, remember that Gallo? That author did mention though as a collegue or something if I recall correctly.

I know. I still have that good-for-nothing’s body buried under the floorboards. Wanna see?