Girl Genius comics

If you haven’t read this comic, I highly recommend you do.

It’s set in some kind of alternate version of our world, where machinery can come alive and people make Frankenstein’s Monster type creatures left and right. The main character is named Agatha, a hapless inventor girl with a Mary Sue’s body.
The characters are what makes it all so great, from the Lord-Vetinari-like Baron Wulfenbach who rules most of Europe (it’s a bit fuzzy if he’s actually evil - he just seems to put intelligence before empathy) to the Jägermonsters; man-created monsters stupid as rocks but really good fighters. And equpped with very odd ideas about romance.
<a href=“">"She iz zo sharp… zo DANGEROUS, like a pudding-bag full of KNIVES! GROWL!”</a>

The story comes in two parts, the 101 class (already published in book form, now put up online page by page) and the advanced class, which takes off where the book-form 101 class ends.

I saw it, and didn’t really like the art too much. This sort of steampunk doesn’t actually appeal to me.
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I really like it, have been reading it for a few weeks now. It’s just a pity it’ll take so long for the 101 to reach the Advanced Class. I’m really curious about Gilgamesh and Agatha’s breakup.

I’ve been following it for a while. Like Ren I want it to catch up to the advanced class. I’m curious as to whether Agatha will wrestle control over the Jagermonsters.

A girl genius. Ha ha. There’s an oxymoron!

Them’s a good batch of comics, but more importantly, I didn’t know you were a fan of Jim Butcher. Alongside Pterry, he’s my favorate author. Kick. ASS.

Back on the relevant topic, Girl Genius is pretty cool. Not in my Top 10, but pretty cool. My absolute favorate webcomic is still Dominic Deegan.

Thank you for introducing me to Dominic Deegan, GG. The story is tightly woven with just the right amount of comic relief. I think I went through the first three years this afternoon.

Anytime. Always glad to introduce someone else to this masterpiece. :smiley: