Gilgamesh: An FF8 AU fic, prologue.

Okay, this is my first real FF8 fic, so here goes…

Gilgamesh floated in the eternal void that was the X-Zone. He knew there was no way out, but then again he also knew that anything was possible. He had been told there where rules. If he was brought to the X-Zone, whether he was guilty or not, he was there. He could only escape through external means. Which meant he was, in simple terms fucked. Who knew about him? Who cared? No one. But Gilgamesh waited, and waited. Millenia passed, he honed his skills (if you could call them skills) and eventually became strong. He chuckled to himself.
'I wish I could have a word with Exdeath now, I’d teach him a lesson…’ however he had been given the privelage of observing the lives of mortals; even though he was here, he was guilty of nothing, ergo he would not have to live in complete boredom.
But through his magical skills he extended his field of vision to the future, and he saw his release. And so, Gilgamesh waited; waited to hear the tear of space, waited for freedom and he waited for the shining sword to pierce the sky; it never did…

I feel so unwanted ;_; j/k

Can be given some more detail, for example exactly how “he honed his skills”. What did he do? Where there monsters in the X-Zone? What did it look like? :slight_smile: