May be the wrong thread but still, a highly recommended page for Gifs

I’m Not Sure… Might Pass of the FF Gifs.

If you want to Adverise: PM one of the Mods.


don’t think this is the right place for this thread, but thanks for the link!

yay finaly i found some good cait sith sprites i can use. :moogle:

im so happy i could cry :bowser:

Cools gifs man, cool gifs. Too bad they only have 3 gifs for FF VI. :thud:

look in the RPGC Sprite HQ board there i posted some more

This is cool, do you know of any good places to get Fighting Games sprites, especially SF3: Third Strike? I noticed the guilty gear x2 sprites, but it was kinda limited. I’m very interested in seeing more if you have them.

hmm any special wishes? then just tell me, meanwhile look in the Sprites thread where i posted some more

meant something like this?

Not only is this the wrong forum but advertising is against the rules (does this count as advertising?).

seeing as how he’s not really making any profit from showing off his sprites (I dont think he is, anyway) I’m not sure how it would be bad. I mean, we link off site to deviant art where we show artwork we did…

And as for streetfighter sprites, I’m more interested in each frame of animation, so I can do some custom animations. Anything you can help me find would be awesome. PM me with a link if you think it’s going to be bad to post it on here. Which I still dont see what is bad about linking to other sites. As sprite rips arent bad so long as no profit is made from them… That is what I THINK though, if theres some obscure law against it, I’m not aware of it.

I’m not trying to play vigilante or anything, but this thread really doesn’t have a lot to do with FF, you know. There’s nothing wrong with the thread at all, but it’s kinda in the wrong forum, and the Compendium isn’t really a “main” forum, anyways.

Might as well contribute something positive though. Try this site out.

There may be stuff there.

woohoo upgrade!!

…crap i got that stupid white square around me again. :moogle: