Giant Skid

Some two years ago I found this site, which hasn’t been growing but has a lot of info on the beast. If anyone is as big into not so common biology as I am, here’s the link:

BTW, my interest on the Architeutis has been growing of late because of a specimen that has been found in Australia that may belong to a new species.

from the little you could catch on BBC, I think it’s made to swim near the surface. That’d make it even creepier.

BTW. A french boat passing by Portugal recently had a close contact with a giant skid. clicka

Go check other news on BBC. They’re quite interesting.

Just to finish the post: if I remember well, the biggest one seen would be as long as a submarine. It was seen in Norway and one of the navy guys said it was roughly the same size as the sub he was in, which would make the monster bigger than a bluw whale. I’m gonna do some research on it.

I saw a thing obn them on the Discovery channel, and they even caught what they thought were the larva.
Squid is good to eat, I catch these huge 6 foot tall ones in Baja some times. They are insanely heavy too, like 30-40 lbs.

Ackbar out on new adventures? Poor guy, all that swimming just to be caught by men in white coats.

One day they’ll search too deep and Cthulhu will bite then on the ass.

Thanks forthe link. I remember something like this washing up near Dorset or something at some point. my memory is hazey.

EDIT: My mistake. It was Chile.

…In Chile? God…

I Live in Chile and i didn’t know…

I Must put more attention to what happens in my country! patriotic stance

Don’t be so happy. The Old Ones may soon rise and consume your land in an orgy of death and insanity.

That is one big freaky-looking thing though isn’t it?

Isn’t that, “Giant SQUID?” I thought this tread was about an accident. You gotta edit the title, Ren.

Thanks for the link. But what I REALLY want to know is, do giant OCTOPI exist? I heard they found the remains of one in South America the other day…

I hope so. Octopi are COOL.

And yeah, I thought the same…

Originally posted by Pierson
[b]I hope so. Octopi are COOL.

And yeah, I thought the same… [/b]
Squid and Octipi are different. Squid have ten tenacles, Octipi have eight.

I was just making the genralised observation that Octopi are cool. They’re smarter than dogs, and maybe chimps, if some scientists are right. They’d make great pets. Don’t live long though, which sucks.

And I didn’t know that. I alwayed thought Squid had twelve, what with those large sucker things they have as well.

Will: Gianti Octopi exist, and there are even some in those big acquariums and stuff. I think there is at least one in Monterey.

They aren’t as big as the giant squid. Thanks for the correction too :slight_smile:

Meh. Everything cool happens or is kept in the US.:hmm:

No, they also have one in Portugal I think. And the only baby Giant Skid ever found was found in Brazil.

Do you mean Squid again? What’s with this ‘Skid’ thing?

Does anyone remember that old film Peter Benchley’s The Beast? That was about giant squids.

Ren: Oh, I know about those “giant” octopi. The ones I mean are the REALLY big ones, almost as large as the Giant Squids. Their existence has NEVER been proven, but recently an unidentified mass washed ashore somewhere in South America. I saw it in the news. It is suspected it could be a (decomposed) Giant Octopi. Anybody heard about that? Or if it was identified?

Squids are much farther down the tree of life than mammals, particularly dogs. Saying squid are smarter than dogs is retarded.

Nope. I never heard of it. Are there any web articles?

Anyway, there’s a lotta stuff in the oceans depths we don’t know about. :spooky: