Ghost in the Shell: SAC

Yes. Adult Swim has started showing a rather inspiring new anime show. Besides the art work being wow on this show, the futuristic mood to it is quite good. It’s action packed.

Any one else watch it?

Meh, I didn’t even like the first one. It was just your average “semi-apocalyptic future where machines rule” scenario spiced with one or two naked chicks.

I liked it, it was good enough to watch through. and what naked chicks? I liked the laughing man stuff alot. He was fun.

I don’t care for it, but it does look nice.

There’s Naked chicks on the DVD. Of course it won’t be seen on AS.

Then DO NOT WATCH GitS 2 : Innocence. It’s the same Masamune Shirow fucked-upness, only without naked chicks…or much action…or a plot…or anything interesting.

Unless you want to see BATOU FEEDING HIS DOG~

First GitS was okay.
SaC is pretty, but inane.

Some of the episodes are interesting enough, but most of the time I find myself bored.

The beginning theme song is cool, though.

I love the theme song “Inner Universe”. Its a cool show but the movie is better. Saw that a few days ago. Absolutly kickass! Now I gotta see number 2.

I just saw the movie. I have to say it’s nto as good as SaC but it’s good enough ^^

The theme song is cool.

Personally, I have only seen the initial GitS, and it’s one of the four favourite movies of mine ever since I have seen it.

I havent been watching it on As. I watched it on my comp and I still dont remember any naked girls. maybe that says Im so used to nudity in anime I dont even look for it anymore…or maybe it was the whole your not a real naked lady most likely. but dont worry if your a good girl then someday you’ll be a real girl cuz you got no strings to hold you down…I’m gonna end this one here…

I disagree with this. The initial GitS was a fear utopia (kinda, at least), where “Advanced computerisation however, has not yet wiped out nations and ethnic groups as a whole.”.

However, GitS actually dug in to the world of questions to find out what it means to be human; given the self-inquiring questions Motoko Kusanagi expresses throughout the movie(yes, GitS is not a “cartoon” it’s a “movie”) are quite… strange for a cyborg to ask, we see the portrait of a synthetic being, struggling desperately to be human; because, as displayed in “The Floating Museum” scene, humans are at the very top of the tree of evolution.

As for the “naked chicks”, it’s both a technical detail(to use thermoptic camouflage in an effective way, you must be naked, so that the cloth of the camo doesn’t bump around, revealing your position); and a display of what technology is capable of(“If a technological feat. is possible, man would do it.”-Motoko)… In the manga, (to both show a “naughtier” side and then again, express the capabilities of technology) a scene of explicit lesbian sex was drawn.

And as for Batou feeding his dog… I would want to watch a synthetic organism care for a live being… Notice, the initial GitS didn’t have a plot until the near end of it; and that’s what made you wonder.(the question:" WHAT THE +%&#$ IS GOING ON!? WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE!?)

As I conclude, I will only express one sentence from Ghost in the Shell 2:Innocence that made me want to watch it already;

“These cyborgs do know the difference between black and white. They just do not understand the significance of it.”

…So, am I making sense? Or am I so obsessed with the initial GitS that I make trouble for the man who does maintanance operations on my PC for two hours to get the damn file to work? Take your pick, people. :boring:

I would like to read the manga.

I’d say that you’re a fanboy. Seriously, I can understand the whole artistic concept of it, it’s just that such a scene could have easily been shorter. It’s like Matrix’s 2’s raveorgy scene.

Oh fuck no, I’m not getting into another one of these arguments, I’ve had enough with Shinryu (Although I do see where you are coming from).