Why hasn’t ANYONE but me heard about this. :confused: People get on this, now.

I actually heard about this a while ago. I just don’t play.

Yeah, I’ve been playing on it for a few months…I just wonder why absolutely NO one else would, especially cos I know there are people on here who play.

What is it?

GGPO is an online matchmaking client for fighters. While Kaillera exists already on most emulators, Kaillera is absolutely awful for fighters, because it deals with latency between opponents by adding a delayed input response (i.e, you press punch, punch comes out a half a second later). GGPO deals with lag by just adding slowdown; however, you can play people with relatively no lag all the way up to about 180ms ping. The only people I ever have trouble with are players from South America, Europe, and Australia. I can play anyone in north america and Japan just fine.