Getting Linux boxes to speak to each other...

How does one configure a group of linux boxes to funtion as a lan? I am familiar with setting up windows for a lan, but I’m a complete linux noob. I think I have Samba set up correctly, but I don’t know how to operate the client side. Help!

Wrong forum. This belongs in our Linux forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, but seriously… not many people here would be able to answer your question. Probably only BN and Nulani.

I’m posting it on most of the boards I frequent in an attempt to get some form of help. This is by far not the only place I have a similar topic at.

I’ve always wanted to know too. All I know is that it involves something called NFS. Network File System, I think the abbriviation means. Of course you could use Samba, but Samba was designed for Linux - Windows communication and not Linux - Linux communication; so I imagine that would involve extra work and complications. The best advise I can give is for you to search for a HowTo on Google.

Or ask Wert.

Only if you’re desperate.
Or mad.

The total linux experience of our team is less than 2 weeks each, so we may be screwed. At this point we are stuck just trying whatever cracked out ideas we find. The tutorial we were given by our boss involved Samba, but it is not a limiting factor.

Do you run a window manager gui, or is it just a terminal interface?

What distrobution are they?

We use gnome cuz none of us have the mad CLI skillz (though I used to b4 I got WinXP). We are using Red Hat 9, setup as servers. Both machines are shitty one being a P2 266 with 64 megs of ram and the other being in the 300 something range with 384 megs of ram. We are using a router for to provide switching functions and internet access (which is working).