Getting Bahamut FFVIII

I need help. Is there any way to walk more than like a step without entering a battle. And I need some tips on how to beat those dragons.

If you only walk when that blue light is off, you won’t get in a battle.

Use Tonberry’s LV Down abbility if you’re having trouble with the Ruby Dragons. You won’t get much EXP, but they’ll go down easaly.

arg crap. Now I gotta go beat those Tonberrys. My team is weak as hell.

Beating Tonberries is easy if you know the trick.

If Quisis knows Micro Missles, use that a few times on 'em. Diablos also hurts them like hell if his level is high enough.

My advise: Take Quistis and Squall, and keep both their HPs low. Have Quistis use Milles a few times, and finish them with Renzokuken.

Oh, and make sure you have some Meltdowns. They make the boss a lot easier. (Hell, Meltdown makes all the bosses easier. :hahaha; )

Basically, you don’t really need Tonberries. Keep Quistis at a low level like they said, and then use that Blue Magic…Degenerator I think it’s called? Something along those lines, and it’ll just suck up the Ruby Dragons in one hit. I’m not sure if it’ll work on the Ruby Dragons if they are classified as bosses, but they work on any other Ruby Dragon.

If your team is so weak you can’t beat the ruby dragons, then you need to level up a lot more.

But if you want strategy, do NOT keep your hp low, that’s how you die. Remember, no hp means your dead? Instead, get the spell Aura - which automatically induces limit break. Combined with the spell Meltdown, which lowers enemies defense considerably, you can take out almost any enemy in no time flat. Also, if neccessary, use the GF Doomtrain, which induces almost every status ailment in the game on all the enemies.