Get your war on.

I’ve been reading this since it first started. None of my friends find it funny, however, i hope the humor wont be lost on you guys.

“This guy is the president??”

Get your war on baby. I hope one day the Guard won’t make me get mine on anytime soon.

I like it, it’s funny.

I would read it all, but the repetition of the same images over and over again in the comics makes it painful to my eyes.

Its more the dialog than the art.

Come on! That’s one fo the reason’s to join. To get some. I think Joker of Full Metal Jacket said it best when “I wanted to be the first kid on my block with a confirmed kill.” Errrrr! KILL! GySgt Hartman said it nice too with “You are a minister of death, praying for war.” HOORAH!

Only if it’s for the right reasons man. I still want action, but not this bullshit going on right now.

I wouldn’t say that Afgahnistan is bullshit.

Actually, I wanted to go to Iraq badly (I’m not all for the war, but I still wanted to go), but that changed recently.

Oh as for the “right reasons”, Iraq doesn’t have some very “right” reasons, such as the torture chmabers they’ve found over there.

I love it!

Very true Infonick. Afghanistan was never a problem for me. I just always had funny feelings about Iraq. Sure Sadaam and his sons deserved their comeuppances, but I just had a feeling that it’d get worse a lot quicker than it’d get better. It ain’t the next Vietnam like Sen. Kennedy said, but Iraq still isn’t going as ridiculously ideal as Bush thought so.

What makes you think we don’t torture people? All is fair in love and Guantanamo Bay.

Funny you should mention that. Apparently Israel is on of the biggest culprits in torture, but I have a feeling the U.S. has it’s clandestine torture methods. Most nations in the world do, just away from the camera, except for those dumbfucks who decided to take pictures making Iraqis mount each other and do other sorts of rather cruel stuff. Then again, the Iraqis have raped and tortured POWs too, so they’re as bad as those servicemen.

Those people aren’t citizens. I’m not saying it is right, and ti is against the rules of war (just look at the news and the treatment of Iraqi EPWs). However, ti is a bit different. Also, that stuff is much more crude than you could imagine. Bessides, you seem to think that I’m for keeping Bush in power.



This has never been, and will never be, a sufficient reason to start a ruinous war that caused just as much loss of life as all of those torture chambers put together. And, now that we’ve reopened Hussein’s most infamous prison, and are using it for the same purposes of torture and rape that it was previously applied to, this “reason” looks more and more like the vulgar hypocrisy that it always was. Liberation via torture; this war just gets uglier and uglier.

Is there anything that can save America…? Dun, dun, dun!

I’m not saying that we should have gone to Iraq, I’m just saying that there were some very good reasons to go. Also, you can’t apply the acts of individuals to evryone. Besides, the guys that did do the torture and shit (which still wasn’t nearly as bad as Saddam’s) are gonna be punished severly. Very very severly. Hell, one of the guys in my platoon got in a lot of trouble (he’s even in the brig right now) for burning a EPW’s hand. That sort of stuff isn’t condoned and is against the rules of war and Genvea Convention. What was it, like 15 soldiers out of 150,000 troops? That is a pretty small population. Also, where else would you hold EPWs? Using a an existing building just makes sense. Hell, by saying that we are as bad as Saddam ebcause some jackasses tortured prisoners is like saying all the Iraqi people are as bad as Saddam since he tortured people, and if all the people tehre are as bad as one individual, then we shoudl have gone to war years ago since there are thousands of evil people all concentrated in an area. That isn’t the case.

There wasn’t a single good reason to go. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and posed no threat to any country, to say nothing of ours. “Liberation” never was the motive, and anyway, it’s inherently impossible to “liberate” a people we know nothing about through sheer force. Anyway, obviously most Americans are not guilty of torture, but incidents like this are what always happens when people get authority over other people’s lives in a country where they have no reason to be, where they don’t understand the local culture, and where the natives are not friendly to them from the beginning. While those 15 guys probably will get punished, that won’t take away the root causes of their actions, because in reality, every time we’ve shot someone by “accident” or destroyed someone’s property, we were doing fundamentally the same kind of thing, even if such extremes of humiliation weren’t involved. That’s a natural consequence of our invasion - those 15 guys weren’t inherently “evil,” but thanks to the situation Bush placed them in, for no good reason whatsoever, they have now become sadists and murderers. This isn’t just limited to Americans, either. The British apparently have even more photographic evidence of similar things done by their own troops. It’s not even the torture that’s going to cause outrage among Iraqis so much as the racist contempt evident in these incidents (e.g. British soldiers pissing on defenceless prisoners).

I agree that the administration lied and we shouldn’t have gone, but it wasn’t all for not ebcause of Saddam. Also, I wouldn’t call the 15 sadists and murderers. For one, they didn’t kill anybody. Two, people do that sort of stuff far too frequently. Haven’t you read about what soem frats do for initiations and shit? It happens in all forms. The stuff they did is no where near as bad as what Saddam did though. Saddam would have body parts cut off, people would be torured for months straight. What these guys did is bad and pretty fucked up, but it isn’t as abd. Besides, America is paying for what the soldiers did.

Jesus…I have the feeling I’ve opened a can of worms with my little jibe in the beginning. Me and my mouth…