GBA screen cleaning

Is there a way to do it that isn’t “buy a cleaning kit”? Like, is there something I should (or should definitely not) use when cleaning it? This is the original GBA, not the GBA SP, by the way.

You can buy a replacement screen here���&translateTo=EEC&usrSearchText=&searchText=&selSrchType=&page=&view=&productId=36120&categoryId=18487&lastAction=ProductDisplay

Buy a replacement screen and you’ll likely end up with some dust particles beneath the screen in the process, which is like having a permanently dirty screen. So you shouldn’t get a replacement screen unless your original is cracked or scratched up or something.

Use some compressed air to clean it before you put the replacement screen on and you won’t have to worry about that.

A moisturized tissue?

Even with compressed air, you’ll still probably get a couple specks of dust. And even a single speck, it’s ultimately annoying.

And why the fuck would somebody replace a screen when it’s just a little dirty? That’s like blowing up an ant with dynamite.

Anyway, if you have a cleaning kit for a pair of glasses, that should work without scratching the screen. Or if you’re lazy like me, just use your t-shirt to wipe off the dust.


GBAs have no protective covers so its easy to scratch the screen.

Breath/shirt has always worked fine for me.

Lanyx spews no lie from his soundhole. Almost anything that’d be safe to use on a CD or CD lens would be safe on the screen.

I can second the eyeglass cleaning kit part. That’s what I usualy use on mine.

I’ve Got scratches and one Big one top middle. Take FFTA:


Big Nutter
But the UK Sellers shoud be GBA-SP (new) for under £60 over the next few days I think. So I’ll wait for money.

I’m not sure exactly what they’re called, but they’re basically tissue sized, slightly moist swiffer cloths. It’s what I use for cleaning my screen.

I use either t-shirt/breath or windex/velour cloth. But I currently have an SP. I used to have the Old Skool GBA of shame(It was gold with Pikachu on it).