GBA Pics?

Well, I recently took up the Zelda: Wind Waker shrine, and here’s a problem I didn’t think about…

How in the heck am I supposed to get screenshots from the Tingle Tuner (GBA to GCN connectivity)?

I’m using a program called DScaler and some cables that allow me to play the Gamecube on the computer, but…

Well, when it comes to GBA games and the like, I’ve always relied on emulation GASP!. But in this case, it seems impossible, seeing as how not many games even made use of the connectivity (FF: Crystal Chronicles and the Wind Waker are the only ones that come to mind). Any suggestions?

Digital camera?

Wouldn’t the pictures be an extremely low quality, even if the digital camera was good? Plus, I have an old GBA, don’t even know if the GBA SP can connect to the GCN…:thinking:

It can, same cable and everything.

Thanks. Although I’d like to fix this problem, I don’t want to have to shell out the 80 or so bucks it’d take to get one. CAR INSURANCE, AGH!!!