GBA Accesories, DS, or PSP

I have a Gameboy Advance. It’s missing a battery cover, and it’s scratched like Squall Lionheart. The lighting naturally sucks

you fool just get a PSP :slight_smile:

I heard PSP has short battery life and bad hardware

There aren’t any RPGs on either system, but with DS, I can play gba rpgs

EDIT: I just bought a DS

GBA kicks your ass and then some. It’s the only way to play the old school marios nowadays.

When Nintendo finally gets their network fully running, the DS is going to make me very happy. Playing all those old great RPGs without hunting for ROMS, and at less than ahlf the price of a PSP.

PSP: Good games, nor working emulator.
DS: Few good games, no working emulator. Well, there is that one that’s a GBA emulator, but I don’t think that counts.
GBA: Good games, working emulator.

Buy the PSP.

PSP man, don’t worry about that battery life shit, it’s nothing.

  • but I see you support Nintendo… can’t blame you, they’ve been awesome in the past. I just see they’ve been surpassed.


I don’t care about supporting NIntendo. They fail to bring a lot of good rpgs to American shores.

I actually want a PSP more…

I knew it!

Can you delete this thread?