Gay Batman Joke Here

My sense of humor really sucks.

I wish the artist told us why Batman was kissing Robin in the article

Probably some bullshit that you’d have to wear a beret to understand.

Fangirls :rolleyes:

Hahahah yaoi.

Maybe fangirls are the ultimate evil… that would make a lot of sense, actually…

Whats the big deal? DC has been doing it for years.

This is a real panel.
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He’s gay, that batman.

Why? Its cause Robin has a sweet ass and Batman is comfortable enough in his sexuality to tap that shit.

Gay Batman? Alright then.


I mean, I’d totally do batgirl.

maybe that why robin can work with female superheros in skimpy outfits and not be aroused in any way.

:moogle: I think Batman designed Robin’s costume.

And I would totally pay to see that, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally want to see it.

Dress up as Batgirl and video tape it, Steve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Batgirl is the commissioner’s daughter FYI

Noooo! You bitch! You bitch!

Didn’t someone else take up the Batgirl mantle after Barbara got shot?

I don’t read the comics very often, and I only picked what knowledge I have from various message boards, so I’m probably worng.

I wouldn’t have to dress up as batgirl to watch

Probably because the artist has a thing for Adam West and Burt Ward havning mansex.