Gaming editorial

I started up a blog recently for the Gamers Club at college, and I’ve posted the first two articles. The Top Five list is really just something to start it off, but the editorial involving Mass Effect and the mainstream media is what I really made an effort on. Thoughts? I’ll also be posting a follow-up based on some interesting information I obtained.

Excellent work, Omega! Your language is good; not too complicated, but not too casual, either; you made your points and backed them up with quotes and links, and have provided follow-ups to your pieces. That’s some pretty good journalism, especially when compared to similar blogs I’ve seen. Kudos and Godspeed!

(If I would change one thing, however, it would be the background. Some people don’t enjoy reading white lettering on a black background. Besides, something more cool, like a video game scene, would be more eye-catching. But that’s just a nitpick; the articles themselves are great. :wink: )

I also share the opinion about the background, but please don’t make it a tile of a screenshot. The white that you guys used is a soft white instead of the default bright white, though, so kudos for that.

Edit: Joke deleted because William Arthur Ward was wrong :frowning:

Hey Cless, state your opinion without changing mine, will you? Sheesh.