Gamecube for me?

Okay, so my friend already has a GC but loves the Mario Party. She’s offered to split the cost of a Mario Party 7 bundle so that she could have the game and the microphone and that I could have the new Cube and two controllers. Should I go in on this, especially since I’m looking at a Revolution later? It’s only $50!

Also, I’ve wanted a GC, but I don’t know much in the way of game availability other than Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. Help!

Go ahead, thats a pretty good deal. Seeing how the new zelda game is coming, and you probably want to play the game right?

** mean great game 1* so-so - Unless you really want to

**Tales of Symponia!! (I bought a Cube just with that game) (It plays simalar to Tales of Phantaisa, but has a few extras, like 3d and cut scence voices)

**StarFox Adventures (think Zelda) and
**Starfox Assult (real Starfox)

*Pokémon Colosseum (Fun but lacks. No comentry) (Get Legandary “Dogs” and Ho-oh (You must snag All Shadow pokémon.) You steal certain pokémon only in this game for R/S/E and FR/LG.)
** Pokémon XD - Dark Lugia (Basicly a Proper 3D RPG, has most of the same as Colosseum and more)

  • FF:CC (Best with friends)

?? Fire Emblum (not Played any on GBA or Cube to tell you, but it’s here)

Party/Multi Games
** SUPER MONKEY BALL!! and SUPER MONKEY BALL 2!! (It is faster than the PS2’s Delux)

  • Super Smash Bros. (OK, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Fire Embulm, and Pokémon)

*/ Mario Sport Titles.

That is roughtly what I got and I am buying. You can Buy a GB Player with play 98% of Games that the GBA or GBA-SP can.

If your a survival horror fan (not sure if you are or not), then Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness are great. The mascot titles (various Marios, Zeldas, and Metroids) are all fine, Animal Crossing is good if you like Sims-like games, Ikaruga is a phenominal shooter, Monkey Ball is great for parties, Paper Mario is a fine RPG, as is Tales of Symphonia. The remake of Metal Gear Solid wasn’t bad, either.

I wonder. If you do do this idea… Would it be possible to then sell the unopened GC online for a profit? That would be reason enough. >.>

I would like to know your thinking for my Next Buy as well.

I am cosidering:

Poké XD
Zelda Windmaker
Zelda 4 swords
Fire Emblum (I am also considering the GBA games for this too, please give thoughts on GBA)
Paper Mario

Phatnasy Star 1+2 or 3"offline"

Sonic Heros
Sonic Adventure 1 DX (If found)
Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic) (If cheap. Later)

and 984 I though She will be opening it anyways.

I don’t know how it’s packaged within the set, and I figure we have to open it to get the game out!

See, my dilemma is this - I’d love the good deal now for the GC, but if I’m going to get a Revolution later that’ll play the games anyway, I figure I could wait. My friend’s just offering since she’s getting the game anyway and knows I’ve kinda been jonesing for the Nintendo fix. :smiley:

With what I’ve seen with the Pokémon col/Box set, you’ll have to!

Just do it.

Oh, and get

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (Just, trust, me. You’ll love it; I know your taste, and you’ll love this game to death)

Viewtiful Joe is good, but kind of hard. I suppose you don’t play platformers too much, but you might like it

Mario Kart: Double Dash is off the hook

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (I.E. the best one) got a Gamecube remake

Zelda: Wind Waker plays like a really fluid version of Ocarina of Time, which is of course, good

Phantasy Star Online is good if you have homies, because you can play it split screen on a Gamecube

Best GCN game ever made: 007 Nightfire. Do NOT confuse this with Agent Under Fire, which is the opposite of good. Nightfire. Nightfire. Nightfire. Fire in the night. Nochefuego.

RE3 is my <I>least</I> favorite RE game… not that it’s a bad game, I just happen to like all 4 others better… >_>

I dunno… ever since I played RE3, I just can’t enjoy a Survival Horror game without a fucking 10 foot buff-ass zombie with a rocket launcher (and smart enough AI to actually fucking kill me, not like Mr. X from RE2) chasing after me at all times. :stuck_out_tongue: I swear, you’ll pee your pants laughing AND screaming with Nemesis on you. Sweet lord, just talking about this game puts a grin on my face, lmao.