Gameboy emulators?

Does anyone know of a good Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator? (NOT Advance.)

This is NOT a request. I just want to know if anyone knows OF a good one. Give me a name and I’ll find it myself.

It should also be one that’s compatable with a USB controller.

VisualBoy Advance. It’s backwards compatiable.

Listen to Epico Gameu!
It’s just about the only one worth using.

That works quite nicely. Many thanks, Epic.

Just like a real GBA

Exactly, the only thing it can’t do is link (netplay in this case).

GG, it’s GameBoy, it ALWAYS works backwords! You should have asked me about my VisualBoy Advanced.

I have an emulator that can emulate the link cable. Too bad it can’t load VisualBoy save states. ARGH!

Uh, that’s weird. VBA was always slow as shit for me for regular GB/GBC games. I used NO$GMB for B&W games and BGB for color games back when I was on Windoze.

Whats an emulator?

A program that pretends to be something which it isn’t. Like a super nintendo emulator pretends to be a super nes (it “emulates” the super nes), allowing you to play Snes games on your PC.

It emulates (acts like) a console system/handheld system. In other words, you download these things called ROMs that are pretty much just games, and you use an emulator to run it.

Edit: Fuck you TD.

bgb 9I think that’s the name anyway) is the one I’ve got at the moment that allows link play. It’s exceptionally good for pokemon roms as you can link two together on the same PC and finish off a collection in record time X-D It’s GBC only but then again, that is what you asked for, right?

I know there’s a link to here, so can you link me to this emulator? If not I’ll PM you.

PS. Sorry if people consider this necroposting, but it’s better than starting a new thread on the same topic.

If you know about zophar, check it yourself. That’s where I found it, and it’s a piece of crap, as well as having a site that gave me 80+ spyware things.

I asked him because I couldn’t find it on Zophar. That’s why I asked him. If I knew where it was, I wouldn’t have to ask.

emulators - windows/dos - handheld - gameboy. Not that hard.

Gameboy, or Gameboy Advanced? However, each one has a long list of different emulators. My question is “what is the name of the link cable emulator?”

I know where to look, but based off the descriptions I cannot tell which it is.


I’m referring to Chris’s post, not Neb’s.