game Shops

What do the gamers wish to see in a game Shop

games. [/smartass remark.]

I’m lucky, in that I live near what, as near as I can tell, is probably the only game store in Upstate New York that still has SNES games. snagged a couple good ones from there, like Secret of Evermore, Turtles in Time, Breath of fire… also deciding if I should grab Romance of the Three kingdoms 3, never played it so I dunno.

Neat third party accessories like GBA cart protectors or battery packs for Wiimotes, I usually have to import those, 'cause my local stores don’t seem to carry those.

(Them DS cases do help out in storing GBA carts properly, but can’t remember for the life of me which game I stuck into which box…)

And let’s not forget sales for games you’d actually buy.

Old games that aren’t sold for an arm and a leg. (A used copy of Scurge: Hive for $30! No thanks.)

A reason to actually sell games.

And perhaps an option to buy spare instruction manuals, and other in-package extras.

i am ask about Shop that sell Games like D&D, Rifts, WoD and the like

…Are you a native english speaker? I mean, if not, okay, but if you are, could you try to speak with a bit more clarity?

Anyway, one store we have enar here, the Coyote’s Den, is pretty much everythign I’d want in antabletop RPG store. it’s a small business, but the guy who runs it keeps the store clean, has plenty of othe rmedia to buy there as well, accessories, walkign staves, books about thye myths and legends of the Upstate New York region (Damn,w e have cool myths. I mean, when you have stuff like “the ghosts of Hellhound Hill”…) He even has some out of print copies he keeps. I eman, fuck, he has a copy of Deadlands, the COOLEST RPG I ever saw!