Game Music gets the respect it finally deserves !!

Just not -_-

The best part is the bit about the FF : The Spirits Within game :ulty:

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Kind of a shame they didn’t mention a single Japanese composer.

Ah, CNN. First they do something as to where they apparantly don’t know where Europe is…then this.

Man, if I had to watch news this bad, I’d stop being politics-savvy.

In their defense, there was a soundtrack with FF:TSW on the front that said “Music Inspired by Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” that was, in fact, the Hollywood Symphony Orhcestra playing music from Final Fantasies VI - IX. They tend to focus on VII and VIII (surprise!!!111one), but it’s still a pretty good little CD.

Where would you get that CD? I’ve looked in the classical section and the soundtracks section in some music stores but I’ve never seen anything close.


They didn’t actually say TSW was a game, but yeah.

I went back and looked at the CD, and it never actually says “The Spirits Within.” It does, however, have a description of the movie on the back of the jewel case ("Earth has been decimated by a meteor that has crashed into the planet, unleashing an army of alien creatures. The beautiful and capable Dr. Aki Ross is Earth’s last hope against extinction. This new recording, featuring the music of world-renowned Nobuo Uematsu, captures the excitement and drama of this popular video game-turned blockbuster movie). The liner notes mention that the arrangement was done by <A HREF=“”>Project Majestic Mix</A>, so the CD gets a little bit of credibility, even if the publisher (<A HREF=“”>BCI Eclipse</A>) was dumb enough to assume that it had something to do with the movie. On the front, despite the lack of FFX music, there’s a silhouette of Tidus over a picture that seems like it may be a landscape on Mars (or perhaps Cosmo Canyon), and on the back is a shot that looks like it may be from TSW.

Here’s some pics so you guys can decide. Upon re-examination of that description of the movie, it doesn’t really coincide with the movie that much, and it’s in terrible English.

<A HREF=“”>Front and Inlay</A>
<A HREF=“”>Back</A>


Orchestra concerts of music from “Final Fantasy” games – a long-running role-playing series with a cult-like following – have sold out venues nationwide.


Meh… Final Fantasy CULT?

Nah, nah, a “cult following” means it’s not really mainstream, but what fans it has all like it a whole lot more than a lot of fans of mainstream stuff.